1. P

    W124 Pressure in Fuel Tank

    I've had my 260E for a month now, covered 1000 miles, and filled up 4 times (averaging 27mpg). Each time I take the cap off, there's a rush of air. I understand that fuel is cold when underground and expands a bit in the tank as it warms up, but this seems a bit more than I'd expect. Any...
  2. C

    Vito in tank fuel pump

    Hi All, I am changing the in tank fuel pump on my 639 115 vito i've disconnected the larger of the two fuel lines but i can't disconnect the smaller fuel line fitting i've pulled the black half round clip out but the fuel line still will not come a part? what am i doing wrong
  3. JohnnyLou

    in tank pump

    Hi, has any one ever fitted a new 'in tank' diesel pump o/s in a Mercedes 220 tdi s204 2008 ? Any advice welcomed and what sort of difficulty rating and time involved please ....many thanks
  4. Alex225

    My E320 CDI aka The Dad Tank

    So, I was using a Saab 9-3 as my daily car but having caught the Merc bug from my CLS I decided I wanted some daily Mercedes action. I had a bit of a hunt on Autotrader and this example came up fairly local. It’s an early 2003 and had 104k on the clock. Full service history, overall...
  5. K

    R230 sl55 amg help to id a component on petrol tank

    Hello all Can anyone who know for sure (not guessing) what the round component next to the fuel sending unit is. I been to my local mercedes parts, and he could not see that second component on any of his diagrams, nor find the part via part number stamped on it (i think it reads...

    Expansion tank for power steering oil.

    I was losing fluid from the join at the bottom of the expansion tank on my ML55. I bought a replacement tank but it was only when I removed the old tank I saw a rubber O ring seal, which wasn't on the new one. I called Kms who supplied it but they said the tank doesn't come with the O ring...
  7. W

    S210: how to drain petrol tank?

    What options have I for draining petrol from the fuel tank? Could I put a pipe down the filler neck and pump / syphon it out, or is there something in the filler to prevent this?
  8. D

    ML270 cracked overflow coolant tank

    Hi guys noticed this tonight that the overflow tank is leaking. Anyone know best place to get them?
  9. Mrhanky

    M113K BMW tank split cooling kit

    I had always planned to do the BMW reservoir tank split cooling mod on my E55 but never got round to it. Included in the kit are the following bits Brand New BMW Reservoir Used but great condition BMW reservoir mounting bracket Hoses you will need Hose connectors you will need Jubilee...
  10. S

    Coolant Expansion Tank

    Hi Guys, Im looking for a coolant reservoir for Mercedes A-CLASS A-180 W176 Year 2013. where can i get that online ? thanks,
  11. Happytalk73

    Do you brim the tank?

    I passed my test in September 1990 and I've never once been to the pump and not brimmed the tank. I seem to chat to many people that just put a set amount in say £10, £20 etc. So who fills up completely, and who fills up with whatever they feel like? :o Ant.
  12. B

    w219 cls air suspension bag air tank reservoir

    W219 cls air suspension bag air tank reservoir is aluminum or stainless steel ? Thanks
  13. P

    W163 Coolant Loss via expansion tank

    I've been lurking here for quite some time using the search function and have managed to perform quite a few jobs myself on my 02 ML 500 as a result, including transmission oil/filter change, engine oil change, secondary air injection pump service, EGR clean and more recently work on the cooling...
  14. A

    Reserve tank

    I've noticed that when my reserve light comes on there must be about an 8th of a tank left going off the needle position. My reconning that's about 7ltrs or 50 mile ish? Do all mercedes have a big reserve tank? I've never taken the needle all the way to the bottom not had the balls to...
  15. Cyclone1

    New PCS Under Bonnet Cooling Tank and Accessories - 55k Engines

    New PCS Under bonnet cooling tank and fitting accessories. Consists of; PCS Cooling tank 5m 19mm ply hose 8 x 90 deg bend connectors Radiator cap for the tank Everything you need if you want to improve cooling on the 55k Engined cars. Provides lower temps and is a great upgrade for...
  16. Alex225

    The Dad Tank's First Wash

    Well, I picked the car up on Tuesday and have given the interior a thorough going over but was only right the outside got a clean up too. It was actually pretty clean but given a pre-rinse using Valet Pro Citrus Pre-Wash, followed by a two bucket wash with Dodo Juice Born to be Mild. I only...
  17. T

    Miles per tank

    Hi Picked up my first Mercedes last week a 64 plate E220 CDI Sport. Love the car really comfortable to drive,not a nicer car have I had. When looking into buying the car I read that mileage on a full tank between 600-700 miles,I took this with a pinch of salt!! Ive spoke to two people who...
  18. peanuts

    ML270CDi Fuel draining back to tank

    Hi Friends, Due to a change in circumstance I now have to park my ML facing up-hill on my drive and it appears that the fuel is draining back to the tank as it takes ages to start which it never did (and doesn't) facing downhill. With a full tank it will still start OK but at 1/2 to 3/4, no...
  19. T

    New member & owner SL500 tank baffle fix

    Hi Guys, I have the " common " tank baffle rattle problem, and have read here that many have fixed this issue in various ways ( without having to shell out for the tank replacement ). I wonder if any member have had this " fix " done by a third party ?, and if they could provide me with...
  20. 7om

    Pcs e55/cls55 under bonnet chargecooler tank

    Hi, Due to a change of plans with my house and going as far as I can with the CLS power wise (without spending silly money on gearbox or Weistec) I am selling my CLS55. The PCS under bonnet tank still remains to be fitted. I have bought 10m of 19mm I/D hose 8 x 90 degree bends to...
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