1. grober

    TANKS for the memories

    WW1 tank takes over Trafalgar Square for the 100th anniversary. WW1 tank takes over Trafalgar Square for 100th anniversary - BBC News [YOUTUBE HD]ezBSURCMe-o[/YOUTUBE HD]
  2. milleplod

    2 German tanks.....

    Took this pic south of Caen on the way down ro meet the family in Spain...... German build quality shining through! Not sure which is the heavier of the two though...... :D Anyone else have a bike? Pete
  3. MicB

    R230 Fuel Tanks

    The first R230s apparently had a fuel tank fitted that had either no baffles or too few baffles allowing fuel to slosh around in the tank too freely which apart from all else could be heard from within the cabin.......consequently the fuel tank was modified for later cars with additional...
  4. carat 3.6

    W124 fuel tanks

    Hi guys, anyone know if there is a difference between petrol and diesel fuel tanks in the w124 saloons? I'm going to be fitting a turbo diesel into my 300e over xmas, and wasn't sure if I need to change the fuel tank or just some of the fittings. Cheers, s. :cool:
  5. Godot

    Tanks, again

    This may appeal, or not, as the case may be. I recently posted on my Regiment's Old Comrade's Forum the Following : In the aftermath of the failed Arnhem offensive the British 6th Guards Tank Brigade was engaged in heavy fighting to gain control of the small Dutch village called Overloon. It...
  6. Godot

    Tanks for the Memory

    After Andy 26718's post, I posted the short YouTube Clip of it being pulled out together with the Original Story (so thanks Andy for stirring the Grey Matter) I've put that Clip on here, together with 2 more other recovered Tanks, one from this month it seems ! FtJkyd3JJWE GYuzqSfaSRU...
  7. SilverSaloon

    Commercial Septic tanks & access road

    hi Does anyone know on here anything about commercial septic tanks? also, does anyone have any experience of getting an access point put in at the side of a road into land? thanks Derek.

    G class....built like tanks

    found this amusing YouTube - MERCEDES BENZ G CLASS crash test
  9. M

    Oil Storage tanks for the RAF

    Dont know whether this is in anyones field of expertise but the MoD is informing companies of a Possible Future Requirement for the removal of 4 underground oil storage tanks and their replacement with some above ground ones. if people want details PM me. Mods please remove if this breaches...
  10. M

    1800 km on two tanks of petrol

    Recently I was required to make a road trip from Sydney to Melbourne. The total fuel consumption on my car was 7.1 and 7.2 litres per 100km in both directions. This means I was able to travel from city to city on an average of 98km/h on a 110km/h maximum speed over 880 km driving distance in...
  11. grasmere

    help please to drain unleaded from diesel tanks

    Hi guys, can anyone advise please . . . in another thread I mentioned about me putting unleaded in my diesel :mad: I am now trying to drain out the unleaded. There are 2 tanks, one either side of the prop shaft. Using an oil changing suction pump I have managed to drain one tank but...
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