1. B

    sticky tappet C180 1997

    I have a intermittent sticky tappet,sometimes it clicks for a few seconds on start ,other times is starts quietly then clatters after a few minuits running. Sometimes this stops for no reason. I am fairly adept at mechanics having done my own engine/gearbox/axle repairs many years ago. Is there...
  2. RichardF

    Tappet ticking when cold

    M104 3.2 engine. 120k, 5-40 Triple QX Fine after a few mins when warm, worse in the cold weather. Anything to worry about?
  3. nickid

    tappet noise on 40k c180

    wifes coupe is got a slight rattle from engine and louder when oil cap off. It sounds like the tappets/lifters but car has only done 40,000miles?
  4. T

    W202 M112 Engine Tappet Rattle

    Hello All My new to me C240 has a little tappet rattle when first starting from cold. Goes after 2 or 3 seconds of running and no noise at all when warm. I've had other cars that did this as the tappets tended to drain and it didn't seem to be a problem. The car had an oil change just before I...
  5. Howard

    A class noisy tappet ?

    Hi gang ... Another question ... Our A class ( w168 A190 ) the last couple of days has had what sounds like a noisy tappet when started from cold over the last couple of days ( not had it before ) It clears after about 2 minutes , but it sounds dreadful while it is noisy. Going to...
  6. merc180k

    It's like a noisy tappet type noise..??

    Hi all, needing to pick the collective knowledge pool of the forum if I may...! Put Mrs M's car in for a major service at the local garage with all well when it was dropped off. Unfortunately it now seems to have developed a noise when running (after the service) that sounds very much like...
  7. L

    M112 tappet like sound ??

    G'day all, There is a ticking/tappety like sound (i'm convinced) from the toppish area of the oil fill area on my motor so that would be on the right sight of the V6 of the M112 motor, if facing !! There is surprisingly no noise when its cold but is present when warm/hot. Now the strange thing...
  8. horsesuitedfool

    C220 CDI Tappet elements....

    MB Brooklands says my GF C220 CDI Coupe needs the tappet elements replacing as its too noisey, anyone know if this is likely cause?? Cheers....
  9. P

    W126 300se tappet noise at 3000rpm

    Apart from having a cold start problem, I have tappet noise a 3000rpm. I am wondering if it might be an advance / retard problem, as the engine runs very well and only starts ticking at higher revs. Does anyone have any ideas.
  10. amliddle

    Can you run an A160 Engine with the Tappet Cover Off?

    I urgently need to resolve this question as it relates to a hearing that I am attending tomorrow: Can you run an A160 engine (petrol) with the tappet cover off. Bear in mind that the sensor over the timing chain would be disconnected as would several breather hoses: Would the engine computer...
  11. S

    W210 E280 Engine Tappet Noise & Slightly Lumpy Idle

    My mate has an 2000 year model E280. The engine was making a tappet noise so his mechanic (ex merc employee) changed all 18 tappets but the noise is still there. The engine is also slightly lumpy on idle. Yet the car drives extremely well. The car has been serviced regularly by Mercedes and has...
  12. L

    W123 tappet noise

    I've just bought a 1980 280 CE and everything seems to be running pretty fine except for some constant top end noise - I presume it's the tappets. Is this a common problem? Does anyone know of a likey cause/remedy? Thanks
  13. G

    Noisy Tappet!

    I've noticed over the last 6 weeks or so one of the tappets is a bit noisy in the morning. It eventually goes and all is well. However I've noticed recently that it seems to make a ticking sound a lot more often now, even when the engine is running. It seems to happen when the engine is...
  14. H

    280SL oil and tappet noise

    I’ve just been to view a ‘82 280SL in gold with cloth leather. The car was originally imported in ’82, changed keepers in ’83 and then again finally again in ’86. It’s covered 39,000 miles with full service history and has all its previous MOTs. The body’s unblemished and original as is the...
  15. 230K

    W124 300d tappet rattle

    Hi Folks Can anyone help wifes tappets are rattling:D on tickover intermittently i changed one tappet but the problem is still there but maybe not as bad . Castrol magnetec in sump approx 2000mls ago, does this oil suit this engine someone told me to put an additive in the oil. Should i...
  16. robert.farmer

    tappet noise

    Hi everybody, sorry ,nothing too exciting,have only got an old 200te estate,my first Merc bought a month ago. I don't know much about them but am learning fast as i find more and more faults. The latest one is that of a (sounds like) tappet noise when started from cold,this lasts for about 30...
  17. G4VSQ

    Lazy tappet?

    Hello one and all, My 1988 260E (148, 000 miles) was serviced about 600 miles ago. Since then (and maybe before) I notice two things: 1) On cold starts, it rattles for about 1 second-I guess this is due to the oil taking time to reach the cyclinder head and then on to pump up the hydraulic...
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