1. M

    06 E63 AMG Tappets

    Hi all im new here and hopefully purchasing my first AMG mercedes soon. Its an 06 E63 and I just have one little and im hoping someone can put my mind at ease. Ive read all sorts of horror storys about cam/tappet failure so im trying to make sure im not about to buy a bad car. The one im looking...
  2. chubbs111

    hydraulic tappets

    hi guys i think i have a hydraulic tappet thats sticking so i googled tappet cleaner and a chap who said he had been a mechanic for 40+ years said that tappet cleaner was a rip off and the best method was to drain 1/2 ltr of engine oil out then add 1/2ltr of atf and drive for approx 300 miles...
  3. chubbs111


    hi guys i have a w208 2 litre and i have 1 or 2 noisy tappets,if i rev the engine very slowly they do not make a noise however if i rev it quick like on kickdown they clatter,ive just done a flush with wyns and ive changed oil and filter,is there anything i can use to put in the oil which may help.
  4. IMD

    SL500 tappets / cam oiler noise - suggestions?

    Hi all, I have a 1997 Sl500 and over the last 2 months there has been an increasing noise from the engine. This started after I had an oil service, in which they flushed the engine. I'm assuming that it may be a broken plastic cam oiler tube, which is a common fault. I've been...
  5. B

    W202 Tappets Help Please Newbie ;)

    Hi, Please can someone help, my w202 has been making some strange noises. I have been told that this sounds like the tappets need adjusting, I am a little confused as I thought on the w202 these were self adjusting, I have read several post concerning, the tappets, but I have not seen any...
  6. D

    1999 Mercedes C180 Auto Engine Tappets!! :(

    I have just bought a 1999 (T REG) Mercedes C180 Elegance Auto, drove home from Birmingham to Bolton (178 Miles) As i got home, the engine developed a slight rattle, which has gradually worsend, got the AA out and he diagnosed this as noisy tappets (the full lot) or they may be starved of oil...
  7. steven abootman

    Loud Tappets Noise

    Hi everyone I had my car serviced at a Mercedes specialist recently, and since then it's developed a loud noise which sounds like the tappets. As the revs get higher, the noise becomes faster so this leads me to believe its the tappets. I took it back to the specialist who agreed it was the...
  8. T

    1992 W124 300TD - Noisy Tappets

    Hi all, Long time lurker here - first time poster! As the title says, I have a 1992 W124 300TD with 231,000 miles. Mechanically, the car has been faultless - however it has a persistent problem with what I assume are noisy tappets. I change the oil and filter every 3000 miles and in the...
  9. maxg

    Tappets sounding engine

    Oh oh my car has suddenly developed a tappet sounding noise (recently had a B service). The one thing about these cars was the engine (I thought was very reliable). Its only done 60k. Or could it be something ealse. If it is the tappets whats the usual cost (it goes into my local very good indi)...
  10. P

    adjusting tappets W126 300se

    Does anybody know if you can adjust the tappets on a 89 300se, and what the gap should be
  11. PeterG

    Noisy tappets

    Hi Guys I have'nt used my car for a few weeks and yesterday when I started it up the tappets sounded like they were tap dancing quite loudly. I went on a long run and found they were still very noisy. On the run back I stopped off for fuel and found them to be quiet as a mouse!! Today when I...
  12. badshot1uk

    Hydrolic Tappets

    Hi All I was thinking of changing the tappets on my 89 230te and had a couple of questions. 1)How many are there? 2)Where do i get em from? And does anybody know the costs associated with this, i.e. is it a DIY job etc? Thanks in advance for your help. Paul
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