1. Braincrank

    tapping noise when in gear but stationary ...

    Hello all, A couple of months ago the old Benz started to make a strange tapping noise when stopping with gear leaver in D . As soon as I put it in N the noise stops . I tried everything to figure out where it's coming from but no joy. I stopped the car against a wall , in gear so I could...
  2. 9

    Cold engine, loud tapping

    Hi all, This is my first post here - apologies if this has been covered elsewhere but I am having no luck finding any info on this. I've got a loud tapping noise coming from the engine bay of my C280, the engine isn't running and I've been out for a short drive of 5 miles ish tonight, the...
  3. D

    E500 tapping noise - solved by Wayne Gates!

    MY E500 had a problem that ruined it for me: a low pitched tapping noise only heard on acceleration. I’d had a couple of very experienced people look at it, including the fantastic Terry from Wayne Gates. Terry eliminated lifter noise, transmission or cat noise and eventually suspected the worst...
  4. A

    Tapping sound W211 E280 OM642 engine

    I got engine overhauled at 138K due to water problem and now got oil and filter change at 141K. After the oil change, there is a tapping sound that you can hear near driver side wheel and under the hood, it is coming from somewhere engine top. I don't think it was there after the overhaul...
  5. A

    W211 e280 tapping sound

    I got engine overhauled and got oil and filter change after 3000 kms. Now I hear a uniform knocking / tapping sound in engine head. I will upload sound on YouTube and send the link. It is a 2007 model. Any ideas what to check.
  6. Belz

    E320 Cdi W211 Engine knocking tapping noise

    Hello everyone. I'm new to MBCLUB. If this has been discussed elsewhere do apologise. My 2005 e320cdi started making this knocking noise whole stationary. It's freaking me out. I didn't notice this before as iv owe'd the car for about 2 months now. Can anyone please help me what this could...
  7. b1g1an

    W219 Tapping for power in dashboard fusebox

    Can anyone recommend a sensible switched fuse in the dashboard fuse box to tap onto for a hard wired USB charger that will be powering a dash cam? Usual options would be at the lighter socket or its fuse but as that is under the bonnet and my cables will fall naturally to the dash end fusebox...
  8. Ricky16

    Tapping sound

    Hi all filled up with petrol earlier jumped back in the car and started the most horrendous tapping sound coming from the engine it scared the shi//e out of me safe to say its now passed and driving beautifully again is this something I should worry about ? Cars a 2010 c63 amg
  9. R

    Mercedes Benz Sprinter 312D tapping noise

    Mercedes Benz 312 tapping noise I have a Mercedes Sprinter 312 1999 312 turbo diesel, when the van was quite warm and under load the engine start to tap quite loud. When driving it will not go over 80kmph does not seem to rev more than 3000 rpm, it also seems that the turbo is not kicking...
  10. mbc270cdiscott

    c270 tapping noise when cold only help

    hi guys i would like some light into this matter , i changed my fuel filter about 3 weeks ago on my 2003 c270 cdi and ever since i get this cold start tapping for the first 2 miles of driving then nothing , but it onlys seems to have started when i replaced fuel filter please help to...
  11. S

    Adding Active Sub to 2006 CLK - Need help on tapping remote on for amp

    As per title really. I've wired in an active compact sub for my CLK, this is to be used in conjuction with the COMAND APS that i've added to the car. I'm having trouble sourcing a switched 12v live (or 'remote' as it says on the amp) so it can turn on when the COMAND does. I've looked...
  12. B

    w202 220 cdi ticky tapping engine help

    Hi all, I have a year 2000 c220cdi with 105k miles. Starts within a second or two hot or cold, drives fine, though under load i have a ticking/tapping noise form the engine. Cruising with foot just lightly on the throttle it is quiet, bit of turbo whistle just, but foot down anywhere from 1/4 to...
  13. G

    e320cdi engine tapping

    2002 w211 e320cdi straight 6. When driving with the windows down i can hear my engine tapping & its worrying me. I havent had the car long & its had quite a few things go wrong & now i hear this tapping it makes me want to get rid. cant really hear it at idle or with the windows up. Sounds...
  14. M

    Injectors and tapping

    Hi I posted last week about after hard acceleration followed by a loud tapping sound. A lot of people suggest it is probably injectors....... If this is the case is it really bad to continue driving the car in this state......I just read another forum where someone had other similar issues where...
  15. M

    W210-e320cdi. Tapping when accelerating

    Hello, first time posting so please bear with me. I drive a 2002 w210 e320cdi, approx 160000 miles. It's a little rattle but I think still pretty solid. Whilst coming from work I floored it to get out of a tricky situation on motorway black smoke was in abundance but then a loud tapping sound...
  16. StMarks

    Vito 110cdi tapping sound

    Hi there, I'm a newbie on here, & I wonder if anyone on here is able to advise me.? I have recently purchased a 2001 Vito 110cdi with 111k on the clock. It has a "bit of a rattle", and I'm struggling to diagnose it. I've posted up a little video on youtube, http://www.youtube.com/v/TxEgqy-1T54
  17. K

    constant tapping noise from engine

    hi i have a c220 cdi 2005, just had the oil and filter and fuel filter replaced, my mechanic said that the oil was very bad when changed and did a engine flush, there is a constant tapping noise from the engine, and now the management light has come on, is it low oil pressue? please reply
  18. C

    Clk 230 engine tapping noise

    Hi im a new user there and have two mercs, this morning started my 2001 CLK 230 KOMPRESSOR up and it sounds like a tractor very noisy top end any help and advise please. :mad:
  19. P

    Ticking , Tapping noise...again???

    Hi all, Further to my post on the Ticking/Tapping noise that comes from my top end....... (e320 cdi 2001) This noise was noticeably worse when I changed the oil, I did not use a different oil than recommended but maybe I put too much in? I was coming down a hill the other day and the...
  20. M

    E320cdi Tapping noise from top of engine

    Hi everyone I was hoping someone could help peel me down from the ceiling here. I have just bought a 2006 E320cdi Sport - facelift V6 model. 85,000 miles with full, proper and verified MB service history. I have had the car delivered to my home and on start up, I'm hearing a noise I certainly...
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