1. J

    WD40 to remove tar spots?

    I spent an unsuccessful 30 minutes trying to get tar spots off the roof of my car with AutoGlyms Intensive Tar Remover after reading good reviews about it. I'm not knocking the stuff but I think most tar spots are only a car for a few weeks if that before they are removed. Now my car was...
  2. RobertoMercini

    Tar deposits

    Despite having washed my own car for years, I've never noticed the hard black specks that when you attempt to remove them, smear, go a dark brown and then are horrifically stubborn to remove. Are they tar deposits and if so what is the best method of removing them without taking off a layer of...
  3. M

    Tar removal on plastic - any advice?

    Hi all What would you use to remove stubborn tar and insects from plastic? Tardis is typically recommended for tar, but I wonder if it safe to use on chrome grills and headlamps, in particular? Thank you. Kind regards Michele
  4. Twistedmind

    Tar spots on wheels

    Anybody found an easy way to clean tar spots from your wheels I just use intensive tar remover and elbow grease Bloody hard work when the wheels are bad Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  5. paulbenz500

    Can you raise the speed limiter via 'star'

    Hi as above I read that this can be done on Merc's u don't remove the limiter you just raise the limit is this correct can it be done on cl500 (2000) Cheers guys. Sent from my GT-I9505 using MBClub UK
  6. reflexboy

    Tar removal

    On the fairer half's alloys there are a zillion tiny spots of tar. I'm normally pretty good at getting tar off using T Cut or Auto Glym tar remover, but no matter how hard I scrub these little spots just won't come off. Can any of you recommend a different method or a product to try please?
  7. moff

    The problem with white cars... tar spots!

    So it's only been 1 month and already my car is covered in tar spots!!! I've just been out to clean my car (which was a very cold and icy experience) and when drying off noticed them. It's so depressing as I am pretty sure the only sure fire way of getting rid is to clay the suckers. Wouldn't...
  8. KillerHERTZ

    Disney to Buy Lucasfilm for $4.05 Billion; New 'Star Wars' Movie Set for 2015

    The Walt Disney Company Acquires LucasFilm; Star Wars: Episode VII Set for 2015 - IGN Holy Moly!
  9. Aerialmark

    Stone chips and tar

    Hi I am not a detailer but would like a little information on removing road tar from my work car, what is the best product within reason, and what is the best way to go about it. Also is there anyway of protecting my Galaxy from stone chips on the front and bonnet as I do mostly motorway work...
  10. soley

    Removing tar from paintwork

    My car has picked up 1000's of tiny tar spots up both sides over the winter,whats the best way of removing them without damaging the paintwork
  11. Chattonmill

    Tar & Discoloured wheels

    My Missus has just down the Bi-annual clean of the Merc:o and it has thrown up a couple of bits. With all the road repairs I have collected an amazing amount of tar on the car(either that or I have been melting the tyres:rolleyes:) does anyone have a good solution for tar removal? Product etc...
  12. Mactech

    Tar spots

    I have always assosicated tar spots on the car bodywork with summer motoring and melting road surfaces. However the last few weeks of freezing weather and both my cars are covered in the stuff:( The lower flanks of the dark coloured ML feel like sandpaper and the spots are quite visible on the...
  13. M

    Replacement of 'star' badge

    I have just got my first Mercedes ( 2005 C Class) and wondered if I could replace the 'star' on the bonnet with the flat badge seen in some other models?
  14. rich-racing.co.

    what's best for getting tar spots off?

    guess the proper stuff, but maybe white spirit? petrol? thinners? elbow grease and polish?:eek:
  15. mercmanuk

    tar spot removal

    whats the best thing to remove the little tar spots off alloy wheels,the only thing i can find to do the job is metal polish past but i dont want to damage the laquer. cheers all
  16. D

    Tar Splodge

    I noticed a 2cm (yes!) tear shaped splodge of something black on my roof (!) last Friday and bought some auto-glym stuff for tar spots from halfords to try and shift it. The black gunky stuff has now completely gone BUT underneath there is still some amber coloured deposit - very thin layer -...
  17. L

    Tar Removal

    The other day after washing ML with Zymol auto wash as usual, on running my hand over the bodywork, I was dismayed to find it was covered in tiny spots of tar (even the mirrors). Ah, I thought, this is the chance to use the Xymol Cleaner Wax ( removes small blemishes etc, it states on the...
  18. N

    Tar removal?

    What's best for removing tar spots from car paintwork? My recently purchased Brilliant Silver W202 looks great but when you get really close EVERY single panel is splattered in tiny tar spots! Tried a soft muslin cloth and white spirit but took 20 mins to do an area 6" X 6"! Are the...
  19. P

    'Star' Grille for CLK

    Does anyone know where I can get a 'new style' grille with star for my CLK W208? I've seen them on e-bay - but none from a supplier where I can pay by credit card or e-bay payments. I've been stung in the past when sending money through the post, even by 'signed for' delivery. My last...
  20. Fudger


    The main road I live off of has just recently had a new 'topcoat' and what a mess it has made of the bodywork on my car. I have black spots all over the sides where it has been kicked up by the tyres. I spent hours today trying to get it off with polish and other stuff I am happy to use on...
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