1. tali

    Car vandalism targets and areas
  2. D

    'Rude' police punishing middle classes to hit Home Office targets

    Some of the members here can tell us more.............
  3. Piff

    Dealership targets

    Hi guys (& gals) I've been absent for a while, not been tracking the threads as I'm only an Audi owner now! I'm about to help my (pensioner) father buy a new car. He is in no particular hurry (any time in the next 6 months) to buy a new car. He is considering a Nissan Note, a Renault Modus, a...
  4. pluggers

    Fanatic speed cop targets old folk

    Fanatic speed cop targets old folk; Small caption from friday's Sun paper. "Brunstrom brainstorms Reflex tests will ban 'em CAR-hating top cop Richard Brunstrom has a new target -elderly drivers. The Chief Constable of North Wales plans to stop old people." What about this eh?The...
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