1. brunotxu

    Tarting up MB-Tex

    Hello everyone, hoping someone can help me out with my W123 restoration project. I have date / palomino MB Tex upholstery which, after nearly 200k miles and 33 years, is understandably starting to look a little sad (and, what is worse, pink!). There are loads of companies out there that make...

    Tarting up my wheels

    I have the standard 10 hole wheels, ewwwww. So I can't afford to buy new wheels and also i have just shod her with new tyres, so I decided to tart the wheels up a little. I couldn't be bothered to go the expenses and time and effort to respray them, so I hand painted the bad parts! :crazy: I...
  3. P

    Tarting up to sell or sell as it is???

    My W210 E240 Elegance, would require approx £600 - 800 being spent to bring it up to a very good condition, I would spend the money on wheel refurbishment and a new sill and a valet. Should I do this work or sell it as it is??? the car has over faults such as no temp display...
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