1. D

    need to automate a task

    I have a word template which looks something like this To go alongside this I have a directory of pictures which must be copy and pasted into the image frame. Text then gets added below. The number of pictures, and the pages vary. I'm trying to find a better and automated way to do...
  2. Ian B Walker

    Task Bar

    I run two monitors from my PC. I have two Graphics cards, one AGP the other PCI. I have no problems at all running the monitors but many moons ago I had my task bar running across both monitors. I dont seem to be able to do it anymore (no witty comments here please :D ) Can one of our IT Guru's...
  3. J

    Once more question about this simple task

    One more question about this simple task How do I take off the engine oil filter ?! Is there a special kind of tool that I need ? Thanks, Jeff [Edit: Typo]
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