1. Stratman

    Simple (hopefully) question about dividend taxation

    I've looked at HMRC's website and various others, but I'm still uncertain of the answer. Does dividend income add to 'normal' PAYE income to determine the tax paid on it? For example, let's assume the upper limit of the 20% basic rate band is £42,000. If my non-dividend taxable income is say...
  2. D

    German Vehicle Taxation

    Hi, Does anyone know much about the German road/vehicle Tax? I've been told it is outrageously expensive, my German friend says Tax for a 500SEL would cost £1200!!! THIS CAN NOT BE TRUE!!! I mean he's a good enough bloke but I'm sure he's having me on, no? Does someone know of a web link...
  3. robert.saunders

    Budget - vehicle taxation changes, Q&A

    What are the details of the so-called "showroom tax"? From April next year, the drivers of the most polluting cars will pay vehicle excise duty of £440. Then from April 2010, people buying new models that are the most polluting will pay vehicle excise duty of £950 in their first year of...
  4. glojo

    Big cars and taxation

    Is this toooo political or is it car based and very relevant? Let us PLEASE try to NOT make this a banned thread. First off I fear that bigger engined cars might be singled out on today's budget and cannot help wondering what the long term effects might be. If we see a tax on new bigger...
  5. Dieselman

    The way ahead for vehicle taxation.

    Worth noting if intending to purchase a new car.. July 8, 2005 The European Commission has proposed legislation that would require Member States to re-structure their passenger car taxation systems by eliminating car registration taxes and transforming the circulation (road) tax into a...
  6. glojo

    Motor Taxation Online

    I have just taxed 'the bosses' car online! No doubt this is old news, but I am still impressed. DVLA knew the car had insurance and if required it would know that it had a current MOT! All I had to do was type out the reference numbers on the reminder and Registration Certificate plus...
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