1. daveenty

    Bye Bye little taxi.

    It's been an interesting few years, and we've had our ups and downs, but I really grew to love this car. There are threads elsewhere on what it's had done to it in my tenure, not all positive, so I won't repeat them here, suffice to say that I've done over 24,000 miles in it in various stages...
  2. S

    2013 Mercedes Vito Taxi Sliding Door Alarm Buzzing When Doors Are Shut

    Hi, I have a 2013 Mercedes Vito Taxi 62 plate that has an intermittent issue with its sliding doors. Sometimes when I pick a passenger up and close the door the door that has been opened is reported to be still open on the dashboard and the buzzer sounds. Sometimes it's a case of...
  3. M

    Man and a van? Courier? OR taxi? services? in Shropshire Shrewsbury Ellesmere SY12?

    Any brainstormers? I need: Man and a van? Courier? OR taxi? services? in Shropshire Shrewsbury Ellesmere postcode SY12? To pick up a not so big box thats weighs 12kgs & forward it to me via drop off service point post office UPS hermes etc... as I am In London. they would need to have...
  4. whitenemesis

    Just Another Mercedes Taxi.....

  5. 219

    Berlin taxi !

    mercedes 230 TE estate ..1992 J reg .no mot , all starts , and drives 7 seater | eBay
  6. I

    W123 300D Taxi in Berlin last week!

    I'm very fond of these, not least because I've got one myself, but to see one plying its trade in 2015 in a modern German city brought a big smile to my face and almost a tear to my eye! Click to enlarge, I think.
  7. A

    E220 Taxi DPF

    Hi, Anyone familiar with the performance issues good or bad using this model as a Full time taxi i.e is there big problems with the DPF? 30K per year? 2012 SE @ 30K miles currently, All good advice welcome, autogiff
  8. Crazyfool

    My car has been turned into a taxi!

    I am sitting in the passenger seat for the first time and just noticed this... I can live with the warning sign on the inside of the visor, but to have the same on the outside... Really!!!
  9. Rashman

    To all taxi drivers..

    Spice things up. Interact with your passengers...
  10. KillerHERTZ

    [FREE] Crazy Taxi on Android
  11. Godot

    Always take a Taxi

    With the Holidays upon us, I would like to share a personal experience about drinking and driving. As you may know, some of us have been known to have brushes with the authorities from time to time on the way home after a social with friends. Well, two days ago we were out with friends and...
  12. Beno

    taxi for Beno

    My eldest soon has just passed his driving test this afternoon, I'm as pleased as punch for him. But little does he know he has now become my private taxi. I love it when a plan comes together :-)
  13. abecketts

    Is this a special order or taxi spec?

    E240 with a velour interior, seems odd to have electric seats and no leather or is it me? Vendor description is also creative Any insight appreciated from those better qualified Thanks eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  14. Peter DLM

    Christmas taxi duties a lot nicer these year

    I have the use of a GL450 CDi for a few days. It's quite nice to drive, the diesel V8 is lush and the interior is a very nice place to be, but for £75k I should blummin' well think so!! :eek: All of a sudden ferrying around a party of 7 doesn't seem such a chore :cool:
  15. timwood2000

    Doh - left in a London Taxi

    Could kick myself, collected two quite expensive suits yesterday and after a late night at work, took a London Taxi home - except that whilst I got into the cab with two suits, I stupidly got out without them and by the time I realised, the cab had long gone. So cross with myself for being so...
  16. R

    WTB: W124 Taxi Distress Alarm

    Yup, I need a W124 Taxi distress alarm. It's made by Becker. Dont ask why..... Kind Regards, Ron
  17. Darrell

    E Class taxi

    One of my friends here is a taxi driver and has just bought a new E-class. It is an E220 CDI. I had a ride in it today and I think it is a lovely piece of kit. He paid 41,000 euros for it!!
  18. grober


    No apologies for this rather good compilation of W124s in Taxi Zut alors!:rock: Z-ocRtKWYdo
  19. mmerc

    m8 mercedes taxi

    A vito traveliner with 2.2 cdi engine converted for taxi work in edinburgh ,glasgow &london selling like hot cakes due to 3years unlimted mileage warranty.Cost about £35,000 .Edinburgh has about 120 on the road at the moment.:bannana::bannana::bannana:
  20. B

    95hp E-Vito Taxi in London

    Mercedes has developed an electric Vito as Taxi car for London. The car has 120Km autonomy. Electric Vito Taxi created by Mercedes in London. World cars news. Mercedes auto news
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