1. ringway

    If you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

    Try with a 6 month old pup. kEsW6unZMes
  2. Stig2082

    Who can teach me to drive my car?

    So, my question is that as a competent driver of many years I feel reasonably comfortable pushing my AMG (CLS63) along - but I don't really know/feel confident to fully access its many talents. I once had a passenger ride in one at MB World so have an idea of what they can do, whilst being under...
  3. grober

    Third World To Teach White People How To Walk

    This from the Daily Mash-slightly edited for language. http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/international/third-world-to-teach-white-people-how-to-walk-20080522970/ THIRD WORLD TO TEACH WHITE PEOPLE HOW TO WALK As the price of oil climbs towards $150 a barrel, the Third World has offered...
  4. NormanB

    Teach in Required

    Hi I am researching options for a replacement vehicle but I am really out of touch with the more modern accoutrements. I am a great fan of Sat Nav and have my own SPIII (not sure if it still works after the bump) but I do like what I hear of the the Comand system. Now then if I see an...
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