1. corned

    This'll bring tears to your eyes...


    Gears and Tears, tonight BBC1

    Looks interesting :) LINK
  3. alanuk400

    These would bring tears to your eyes

    Mercedes-Benz Crash Pictures, Accidents, Wrecks Alan
  4. jimti

    Robbers reduced to tears

    Robbers reduced to tears A pair of bank robbers burst into tears and collapsed choking in Poland after they tried to use pepper spray on a cashier in front of an air conditioning unit. The wind blew the spray back over the pair, who staggered from the bank in the south-western city of...
  5. pammy

    This will bring tears to your eyes if you are a man - text - no pic's

    http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/articles/15879802 ouch :eek:
  6. Z

    in tears looking at this

    i was practically in tears looking at this. http://itrundle.com/movies/insanity.html
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