1. P

    Parking sensor query for the Techies

    Hi Guys Long time lurker, first time poster. Can anyone tell me if a cheap(ish) set of rear parking sensors can be used on the front of the vehicle if they are wired to a Canbus adapter? I was hoping that i could make them speed sensitive....... Cheers, great forum. Steve
  2. kbhogalW126

    Website advice needed from the IT techies out there!

    Hi! I'm not trying to advertise but I need some advice from the IT/Web Gurus out there. I've got a company that does custom printed stuff like workwear, hoodies, t shirts, business cards etc etc. I've got a retail website which I look after myself Http:/ but I have no clue...
  3. Howard

    Webcam help please techies ....

    Gang , Hypothetically speaking , if i wanted to set up a webcam at work (overlooking the lock) . What would i need ? Imagine we have nothing (just like Whitney Houston) , no PC , no software , no webcam ..... What would we need ? talk me through it please ..... Cheers all H
  4. Howard

    For the techies...

    LOL - only a couple of hours left but looks quite cool i thought especially the little headlights..... get some LEDs in them and they could be almost as good as xenons... :p H
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