1. C

    MB Technical Data Manual Passenger Cars 2006/2007

    MB Technical Data Manual Passenger Cars 2006/2007 This is a dealer-only manual and covers tech specs (1110 pages) for the following models: 164, 169, 171, 203, 209, 211, 216, 219, 221, 230, 245, 251 I have 2 of these manuals available - £25 posted each.
  2. lisa110rry

    A great big 'thank you' for the technical help I've received from this forum

    I thought this message was more appropriate here than in the Technical Section, if not, please move it. My little green car is a plaything that I only use for part of the year, so I know that if she starts getting expensive I will have to give her up. So when, at the end of the last summer...
  3. st13phil

    Technical Service Bulletins

    Our American cousins live in a much more open environment than us in the UK with respect to service information for our cars. This means that as an owner they can pretty easily find out if a problem they are experiencing is the subject of a Technical Service Bulletin, i.e. it is a recognised...
  4. MOR8A

    W212 E63 BT Technical info and brochure required

    I am looking for as much technical information as I can get my hands on and I also can't seem to find a brochure for the car, not even on ebay! Thoughts and any help would be much appreciated.
  5. BIRMA

    Any technical experts on the SL 63 here?

    I have read a post on an American forum that has got my interest. Basically what I would like to to know is are there any technical improvements between the r230 and the r231 models? I know the obvious as far as engine and bodywork but it's the traction control/braking/suspension all the...
  6. M

    W203 Coupe SatNav Technical issues

    Hey guys, I had my SatNav installed some years ago, and have had a problem with it over the last few years, that I've been meaning to fix. For some reason, I can't enter the Radio Stations area or the SatNav area of the software. This means I can't use the SatNav - but I can seem to view...
  7. A

    Technical Education Mercedes 722.9 7G-TRONIC Transmission

    The film consists of 14 videos detailing the process of full dismantling of the automatic transmission assembly until the valve control unit, giving reference to the first clip in the playlist. Enjoy learning watch?v=42mruHPfH8U
  8. J

    W168 Technical data help - Fuel pressure

    Hi all, I have just joined the forum in the hope someone may be able to help me out with a bit of technical data? I am after the expected fuel pressure value, at the rail, on a 2001 W168 A140. It would seem the value given in the Haynes manual is way off (errors can be common in their...
  9. E240estate

    2003 W638 Vito technical manual

    Further to previous post, I've now bought the 2003 2.2 CDI Vito with suspect headgasket, coolant loss. I know I'm well outside the scope of a Haynes manual, I think I've established I need a WIS disc off ebay, but they all seem to relate only to cars. Anyone know where can I get the...
  10. J

    Question for MB technical mechanic

    Hi I have a Mercedes SLK 230k year 2001 Y reg I have just had a full service which includes a new mass air flow meter and A camshaft sensor fitted as these faults came up on the engine management But since the the engine management light has come on again with the same reading, Can anyone tell...
  11. sherco450

    amg mercedes wheels technical specs

    AS this question has been asked many times . l will have another crack at it. I am interested on technical specifications for AMG or Mercedes OEM wheels. it will be useful to know ,max load ratings ,weight of wheels, correct bolt sizes, rolling resistance . materials used and so on...
  12. developer

    E63 Technical Papers

    Occasionally, someone finds and posts a technical paper about, for example OM642 or 7G gearbox etc. Does anyone have anything about the 7 speed MCT box fitted to my E63, or any technical detail about the 4 position C, S, S+, Manual setting E gate set up. I'm interested in what the control...
  13. R

    hi i am trying to find out how to ask a technical question how to get a w220 s class

    hi how do I get a Mercedes w220 s class with a key problem out of park in order to recover it help ! thanks ian
  14. Vilus

    Online Technical Training Manual Downloads

    You can download a copy of the MBUSA training manuals that have a wealth of information on 14 of the non-current Mercedes models here. MBUSA Technical Training Click on the model, and download the ZIP file to your PC. Follow the instructions on the page The file will then extract into its own...
  15. MercFanUk

    They say technical feats filter to regular cars in time...

    If so, how long until I can have one of these fitted?! BBC News - Bloodhound supersonic car rocket test fired Also an interesting animation on how the engine and rocket will work:
  16. geek

    Technical Modifications

    Does anyone know what 'Technical Modifications (01)" or "Technical Modifications (02)" refer to on some 2011 or 2012 E class cars advertised on the Mercedes UK used car site? Also what are the main differences between the sport and Avantgarde E class specs (MY2011\12) Thanks in advance
  17. damagecontrol

    Some technical Q's

    1: The rubber between the airflow meter and the intake on my 230e is crack and have obvious holes, will this effect my consumption?(I know it should) 2: I need some kind of diagram that will show me the vacuum pipes for the car, ie: light adjustment and other pipes in the engine bay. 3...
  18. John_Doe

    technical electronics! Lol

    Good morning all, I don't really know alot about electrics, only the basics really. But what I'm trying to do is bodge together a central locking kit for my girlfriends car. Basically it's so old a crap that a cheap central locking kit won't fit in the door, so I've managed to find a newer one...
  19. T

    Technical manuals

    Hi All Does anyone know where I can get a electronic maintenance manual for a CLK280 08 reg.:confused:
  20. developer

    Front Demist Function - any technical experts?

    On my 211 if I push the front windscreen demist button, the dual zone temperature LCD's go off and the air is directed towards to front windscreen vents. All perfectly normal. However, if I do it manually, by turning the LH and RH dials to point to the screen , increasing both temperture...
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