1. orangeboy

    Best Headlight De-Mist Technique?

    Hi there, I have a 2004 E class, and the headlights have become very misty. What´s the best way to de-mist them? Many thanks.
  2. S

    Saw a new motorway driving technique at the weekend

    Driving on two lane stretch of A1M, guy in an old BMW 3 series comes hurtling up behind me while I'm sitting behind 7-8 other cars at ~70mph in overtaking lane with the first car is overtaking a couple of lorries and a national express coach. Guy in BMW keeps dropping back a car length and then...
  3. John

    Number plate blanking technique.

    Just a word of caution to those who post pictures of their cars but with the number plate swirled out. You've obviously wanted to obscure your number plate but be aware that the same swirl technique you've used to obscure it can be reversed to reveal the number plate. It is better to use...
  4. D

    Interesting sales technique

    1994 MERCEDES-BENZ E CLASS E220 5dr Auto Estate Don't really know why people do this type of thing :dk:
  5. Satch

    Rapid tyre mounting technique

    How to do it: YouTube - Inflate a Tire with Liquid Fire TRICK How not to do it: YouTube - REDNECK TIRE MOUNTING
  6. The Boss

    This guys sales technique need a bit of a tweak lol

    2005 MERCEDES SLK 200 KOMPRESSOR SILVER on eBay (end time 10-Sep-09 20:35:33 BST)
  7. robert.saunders

    Car warranty fears over council road gritting technique

    The level of warranty claims against vehicles could rise ‘dramatically’ over the next decade, as a result of corrosion caused by a widely-used pre-wet gritting technique. Research by car manufacturer Volkswagen has shown that liability cases against its cars in Austria, where pre-wetting is...
  8. sym

    You have to admire this guy's sales technique !!
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