1. grober

    Facial Recognition Technology

    With recent terrorist atrocities in cities round Europe perhaps its time to revisit this technology. This radio programme examines the advantages and snags associated with this burgeoning technology. While useful in combating national security its far from perfect and rather than protecting us...
  2. grober

    Side load spring technology

    Already posted on another topic, but perhaps worth repeating here. Side Load Coil Spring Technology - Part Info
  3. L

    Help with SL 63 AMG technology

    Just bought a 2013 SL 63 AMG, which is a fabulous car but I need help with some of the technology: 1. When cruising the engine management system is supposed to shut down 4 of the 8 cylinders to improve fuel economy. How do I activate this? Tried pressing the "Eco" button but all that does is...
  4. redf00t

    Upgrading In Car Technology on older models.

    Hi all, Been lurking in the forum for a while now reading and learning. Currently my daily is a W204 (Merv), leased as I was doing big miles in 2014. When I leased Merv, I had all the bell bells and whistles added. Comand etc, and have been really happy with the tech. Merv goes back to Merc...
  5. R

    Is Ipod too old technology now ?

    I cannot connect my IPOD to the in car entertainment system of my 2013 E350 which I have just bought. The title/track information will appear on the ICE screen but will not play. The connection then breaks off and I get " device not connected ". Any help would be appreciated.
  6. M

    2016/2017 Mercedes E-Class W213 Features Technology and Owners Guide

    2016/2017 Mercedes E-Class W213 Features Technology and Owners Guide Steering Pilot, Active Brake Assist with cross-traffic function, MULTIBEAM LED, PRE-SAFE Impulse, Remote Parking Pilot,
  7. grumpyoldgit

    1950's Engine Testing Technology

    Love these old films. A real insight into bygone days of cars. watch?v=nuwTWujeMM0
  8. Brian 1

    Technology Madness

    Wrote all this out, clicked on submit everything went blank and lost it all, Anyway, I picked up my MB CLS tdi Coupe amg today, I have never seen so much technology in a car, how long is it going to take me to get used to this lot, wow what a car, very easy to drive, apart from going for my gear...
  9. whitenemesis

    Modern MB Technology Explained

    Might be of interest.. Welcome to the Mercedes-Benz TechCenter.
  10. ItalianTuneUp

    Bank customers to sign in with 'finger vein' technology

    BBC News - Bank customers to sign in with 'finger vein' technology In your opinion, is this a good idea or not? Would you trust banks with your personal biometric data, or not?
  11. DSB SL AMG

    MB Technology, way ahead...

  12. T

    Apple CarPlay

    Did you hear about it? Mercedes will be fully compatible with my iPhone! I can't wait. Thoughts?:bannana:
  13. clk208

    House rewire - what other technology etc cables to put in?

    Hi all, Currently going through the trauma of a house rewire and didn't realise it would be so messy. Was having a read through a Grand Designs magazine yesterday which helpfully suggested some network cable (is it still CAT 5?) from internet router location to main TVs to assist with better...
  14. SilverSaloon

    wiring inside house for "technology" - what wires to install.

    Hi as some of you know I am fully renovating my property at the moment. We are getting the whole house re-wired for electrics by an electrician. however i plan on running wires myself for things like TV signals etc. Many of the walls are new stud-work and floors are all up so access is very...
  15. Dieselman

    '32 Ford hotrod with technology.

    Interesting remote suspension setup. My old crocks have remote suspension, so it makes sense to me. 0w7_N9Aenn8
  16. Sooty_uk

    TV Refresh Rates - CRT vs New Technology

    know you lot are quite technical so I wanted to ask a question. I had an old Toshiba 36" CRT TV which I got in 2002 and was over £1,300 back in the day. The TV has gone faulty and I have a Domestic & General product replacement warranty (new for old). Now I am not expecting them to give me...
  17. PhilDR

    Transfer Print Technology

    Hi guys, just wanted to show you another service we offer from our customisation world.. Have you ever had interior or exterior trim that you wish could have been a different finish? Or an item that you wanted as close to Carbon Fibre without the expense (on the fact it isnt available)? We...
  18. The _Don

    BMW profits drop as it invests in staff and technology

    BMW profits drop as it invests in staff and technology - Telegraph
  19. Bellow

    Engine Technology International.

    Most recent (June) online version of Engine Technology International here >> Engine Technology International - June 2012 Including: BMW's tri-turbo Diesels; Vauxhall/Opel 100hp/litre 2.0 litre Diesels; MB's Diesel hybrid; why the Subaru FA20 motor as fitted to its BRZ and the Toyota GT-86...
  20. I

    Global technology: divided by a common language

    Silly question I think, but I need some clarity. Being a recent arrival in the Mac lounge, I'm finding some of the vocabulary a little problematic. I call a broad band router, a broad band router. I call a wireless access point a wireless access point. I'm not exactly sure what our...
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