1. Howard

    Snow At Teddington at 4.30 am

    Woo Hoo ...:bannana: I love snow !!! :rock:
  2. Howard

    Big Tide At Teddington This Morning

    Very OT i know , but i took this picture at 5.30 am this morning while at work .. Abnormally high tide with increased river flow due to the rain we have had over the last few days .... :eek: It overruns our island at 22 feet and London floods at 24 ish ......(never seen either of these...
  3. Sp!ke

    Teddington River Festival

    Right, off to see if I can spot Howard at the Teddington River Festival. What are my chances I wonder :confused: http://www.teddingtonriverfestival.com/
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