1. C

    teleatlas travelpilot dx satnav disc - help

    :D Hi all, I desperately need to replace the satnav cd in my 2001 C220. I have the command 2.0 head unit and it uses the DX platform. The disc I have is the 2004 issue and I'm finding more and more that some of the routes on it are totally out of date. Anyone know of the best place to get a 2014...
  2. I

    TeleAtlas DX Navigation updates

    Just bought myself a W203 C320 Avantgarde (2000 reg) which came with all the toys including full factory nav. Great price, great car, and so far getting better MPG than the specs suggest. I have a 2001 teleatlas disc but want an up to date UK one. I have looked for a new one but the prices...
  3. jimmymidnight

    Teleatlas DX 2009/2010 Discs

    2009/2010 Uk/Ireland and major Western European roads. 2 Discs out of our SL500 with original case. £70 posted. Please email any offers to Thanks
  4. Alfie

    New 2009/2010 Teleatlas disk just launched.

    For members here with the Cd based Comand system Teleatlas have just released the latest navigation disk. The new disk is 2009/2010 with TMC and major roads of western Europe. They claim there are 35,000 updates to the road system on this new disk. There are deals to be had on this;)
  5. carnut

    New Nav disc from TeleAtlas

    Got a new 2008/9 nav disc (CD) about 2 months ago when they came out which has both UK and Eu details I am getting problems with inputting address data for city centres and spurios misdirections, including inputting one place and getting directed to another ( close by), and not actually...
  6. R

    New Teleatlas 2008/2009 Map CD released (discount for active mbclub members)

    The new 2008/2009 release of the DX map CDs (for Comand 2.0/2.5) have been released !! Now there is only 1 UK product, which includes TMC and Major Roads of Western Europe for £113.99 - which is a bit less confusing then before...
  7. A

    New TeleAtlas DX navigation discs and New house / street

    Hi, we're just about to move into a new house (exchanged contracts today :D). How long does it take for new roads appear on new Navigation discs? When was the 2007/8 DX disc released & when is the next one due? I know that for larger developments information is passed on in advance for...
  8. D

    Teleatlas DX discs

    Will all Teleatlas DX discs work in the Comand 2.0 system? or are they coded especially for Mercedes?
  9. joe

    20% off Teleatlas

    Its a great offer....also if you have a promotion code from a previous purchase it will reduce price by another 10%:bannana: LINK Regards Joe
  10. stats007

    Navteq TeleAtlas for Becker Trafficmaster?

    Does anyone have the latest TeleAtlas for a Becker Trafficmaster? My version 8.0 disc 2 has died :( .
  11. Alfie

    2007/2008 Teleatlas disks now available

    The new Teleatlas disks for 2007/2008 have just been released.
  12. A

    2006/2007 teleatlas DX CD

    I am still using a 2001 disk with my Command in the CLK. I have ordered the UK- Ireland 2006/7 CD. Can those who are using the current disk tell me how you find it i.e. does it have better graphics and can you punch in postcodes instead of full addresses. arana
  13. aka$h

    URGENTLY Wanted: European Teleatlas Disc

    Need one fr the s-class, as im going to gemany on saturday with 4 cars following me, I dont want to look the pratt and get lost :crazy: Anyone got a spare, an older disk or even a copy, going to try the stealers a bit later on and see what they say. Many thanks.......
  14. Alfie

    2007 Teleatlas disks now available

    The new 2006/2007 Teleatlas CD's are now available for ordering from today. The other good news is that the prices have not gone up! Please email us on if you wish to order or enquire.
  15. Alfie

    I'm now an authorised Teleatlas reseller!

    Just had the confirmation that Comand Ltd is now an authorised Teleatlas reseller! So, if you are looking for the latest Teleatlas COMAND navigation disk then either contact me at or PM me. If you contact me via the website, make sure you include your MBCLUB username in...
  16. Alfie

    Backing up Teleatlas CD's

    As some of you know I dabble in the supply of COMAND units. Recently I decided to purchase an up to date Teleatlas disk for my own COMAND. Having spent £188 (including postage) on the Michelin variety I was keen to back it up in case it got damaged. Having previously backed up my 2004 disk I...
  17. culpano

    For Sale : TeleAtlas 2004/2005 sat nav CD

    It's on eBay.... I've put a special delivery postage charge of £3 but if anyone on here bids I'll throw in the postage free.
  18. Alfie

    Latest teleatlas CD's

    Does anyone know when the teleatlas (COMAND 2.0) CD's are released each year and whether or not the latest ones have exact postcodes / house numbers? I'm thinking of buying the 2005/2006 TMC Michelin disk but dont want to sink my cash into it if its likely that the 2006/2007 disk will be out...
  19. Alfie

    Teleatlas CD's compatibility with COMAND 2.0E

    Does anyone know if the DX series of Teleatlas Cd's work in a COMAND 2.0E model number A208 820 44 89? What is the most comprehensive Teleatlas CD I should get for the above COMAND? Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  20. Nightrider

    TeleAtlas SatNav Germany DX CD

    Was in need of getting some CDs for my brandnew ML350 Command and got more than I wanted...selling on eBay now :cool:
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