1. B

    Quick question about telematics

    Sorry if this is a naive question. I have a SL 400 on order. I haven't opted for the convinience telephony option as I can't see much point in it. So my understanding is that just by plugging in my iPhone to the USB port will give the same functions as my current 6-series and that is telephony...
  2. X

    Telematics update?

    I spoke to MB Swindon about a map and possibly DAB update for my 2015 CLS350 Shooting Brake. They told me it is also due a 'Telematics' Update? Can anyone tell me what this entails? is it to do with DAB radio? Thanks
  3. jukie

    GLK telematics port

    Does anyone know if a GLK does or should have one? If so, where will it be? I cannot see anything obvious in either front foot well. TIA, David.
  4. M

    Updating Telematics

    Im going to be crossing Europe next year in the car so I want the most up to date maps. Unfortunately my car doesnt have the most up to date version of the Telematics software. Ive read its an easy fix just take the car to a dealer and they can plug in and do it. The issue Im having is that...
  5. st13phil

    Telematics successfully used to overturn speeding prosecution

    This is an interesting case reported by Fleet News. A driver was accused of driving his vehicle at 40 mph in a 30mph limit having had his vehicle's speed captured by an LTI 20:20 Ultralyte 1000 Speed Measuring Device operated by a mobile patrol. These devices are Home Office Approved and are...
  6. D

    Telematics - send address to sat nav

    Hi all, I've searched as much as I can, but I can't find any info. In have a 2014 E63, and on google maps you can choose to "send" a location to a Mercedes. My last 2 cheap BMW 3 series cars had this free for 3 years as part of the inbuilt telematics system (inbuilt GSM module). I know the...
  7. S

    Telematics 204 827 03 65 or 204 827 10 65

    Hi I have a w204 with ntg4 command and my local garage confirm the issue is fixable with the Telematics update. They checked all their CD's but their missing the one i want! TYPICAL! does anyone know where i can get the a copy so they can update it? thanks
  8. Z

    Looking for Telematics A211 870 89 94 (NTG2.5)

    Hello All! i have changed my ntg 2.5 antenna because of signal, shows 12 sats in engineering mode but doesn't on Nav screen, tired of search with no correct answer. i think Telematics update are needed for my unit either hard reset any one could help either the software update download or...
  9. newboyuk

    W221 07 - latest telematics?

    I installed the latest (April 2011) map software this week. Great. But I see people talking about ETA on screen and birds eye view... SO - I ask my local indy today and he says I can't have this on the car... I would like full postcode search birds eye view ETA on screen...
  10. R

    New Telematics update for W204, W212, W218, R172,

    This months Star Diagnosis (March 2011) updates just popped through the door. It contains Telematics (flash) updates for W204 C, W207 / W212 E, W218 new CLS W172 (new SLK), W204 MY2012 With the 204/212 updates it has CD and DVD versions (which I think means updates for more than just...
  11. B

    W221 Comand Telematics Update

    Hi all. Need some help. While using STAR to update the Comand on the W221, it has come up with a message requiring a telematics update CD as below. Does anyone know the MB part number for this CD please and also what is likely to be updated by it? One of the MB Dealers thinks the...
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