1. M

    Bluetooth Telephone

    I've just purchased a 2006 (pre facelift) E320 cdi estate. I was told by the dealer that it had bluetooth phone capability. I have been able to connect my phone via bluetooth (although connection is not stable), but when I press the TEL button it is still telling me to insert a telephone. Could...
  2. G

    telephone pre-wire UHI kit - cradle and a phone

    I have a complete setup for your UHI - a perfect condition, in original MB box (bought new just over two years ago) phone cradle - B67875846, and a Nokia 6230i (bought reconditioned, unlocked, with a brand new keypad, at the same time). If your phone console looks like this, then the kit will...
  3. B

    Wanted: An original MB telephone console for a RHD w202 C-Class.

    Wanted original MB telephone console for a RHD w202 C-Class black color Please info, many thanks
  4. G

    2014 EClass telephone

    Hi i have e class which receives texts and can be read out on command is there a way to send texts via command
  5. mat8n

    Telephone sound issue, viseeO/command? W221

    OK so I've got myself a viseeo mb-2 for my S class w221. Got it plugged in and synced up and all seems good and working apart from the sound is really really low? I've looked everywhere and tried everything to no avail. It is all working but I can just to say hear. Any advice would...
  6. T

    2002 C class Can i Activate the Steering Wheel Telephone buttons?

    I have a 2002 C class (W203.046) Anyone know about Activating buttons and features that may not have been included as optional extras? I know on some cars the actual installed equipment is the same all through the range but the more expensive versions have all these extra little goodies...
  7. N

    Telephone Aerial Cover

    The plastic/rubber cover for the telephone aerial on my CLK (W208) started to fall apart. This is a genuine replacement item from Mercedes. I have two available. £6 each posted in the UK.
  8. Dave Richardson

    Are there any landline telephone retailers here

    I'd like to speak with any landline telephone retailers on the board that may be able to help me. PM please
  9. N

    W208 Telephone Antenna?

    Hi all, This rubberised part basically disintegrated over the weekend. I've spoken to two MB dealers on the phone and one person has quoted it as being the telephone antenna cover and is available for £9. Another has suggested i can't get the rubber part on it's own and i need to get the whole...
  10. B

    W220. Do i have telephone prewiring in my car

    I'm looking to gather the parts to get the UHI phone working in my 2005 W220 but there is no phone cradle in the center console. I've been trying the websites listed around to decode my VIN without much luck. I'd like to at least know if i even have the prewiring, without which i'll pursue...
  11. S

    W221 and telephone names

    I have the pre facelift W221 (2008) and every time I turn Bluetooth on my mobile, the Command unit takes a while to become operational, as its reading the phone details (names, etc) Is this normal? I'd have though the names would be stored on the Command unit so its ready to go as soon...
  12. D

    W205 Telephone Aerial Connection

    I've a New C Class due this month, one of the options it has is 'Aerial for Telephone', however the dealer is telling me that the new C Class is not wired for telephony. I understand that the phone connects via bluetooth and you can get a cable to plug into the USB in the central console for...
  13. W

    ViseeO MB-2 Bluetooth Kit for Mercedes cars with telephone Pre-Wire (UHI)

    Hi Gang, I have a ViseeO MB-2 available for sale. Should suit any of the cars with UHI telephone pre-wire. Excellent used condition: Details/software downloads here: MB-2 - DOWNLOAD - ViseeO Worldwide Official Site Download instructions here (pdf)...
  14. J

    Using iPhone, telephone pre wire and media interface together!

    I've just acquired a 2010 CLS Grand Edition. Gorgeous. It came with telephone pre wire and media interface kit (and even three connecting cables). The dealer connected my iPhone 4 to Comand via bluetooth and it works! I was in a bit of a hurry and couldn't go through everything. The trouble is...
  15. V8Rumble

    Telephone in an S430 W220

    I have the dreaded battery drain and have got hold of a WIS but before I start having to take trim off to disconnect plugs etc I thought I would disconnect the telephone as it is a known culprit. I have took the command unit out and still have a drain. So my question is where is the connector...
  16. S

    Radio "forgets" telephone

    I have no problem pairing my Samsung Galaxy S4 with the radio in my 2009 B-Class. Contacts are imported without difficulty, and when I check the status of the phone the radio reports that the S4 is authorised. However, the next day, after starting up and the TEL button on the radio is pressed...
  17. A

    C200K W203 Add Telephone

    Hi all. I appologise if this has been asked like a million times, but it bugs me when things are there but dont quite work as they should......:crazy: I have this stereo unit in dash. The Tel button is just one of the things that bugs me... cannot use it as cannot attach my android phone...
  18. joe

    A2308204226 Telephone Module

    Motorola Telephone Module (Control) A2308204226 Complete with plug and connected cables (fibre optic loop not included) Recently removed from my 2003 W203 Bought approx. 6 years ago Perfect working order. £95.00 Posted, PM's Welcome Joe
  19. F

    Telephone icon disappeared off Audio20 unit

    Hi ALL My ViseeO MB-4 suddenly stopped working and I have just noticed that the TEL icon and signal strength bars have also disappeared off the Audio20 display. I have factory reset the MB-4 and for luck tried 3 different mobiles and they all pair and connect to the MB-4 but the Audio20 and...
  20. H

    iphone telephone cradle

    Hi Just got a 2005 500sl and I have installed my old phone cradle from a previous car, The Comand unit displays 'phone initiating ' with the spinning wheel and the bluetooth light on the cradle flashes but it doesnt connect, Any thoughts anyone please? Thanks
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