1. mercmancdi

    Has television ( Malcolm ) left the site

    Been away a while , has television left .
  2. bob6600

    R.I.P Malcolm aka Television

    Just been posted on the other side, very sad news. Malcolm passed away this afternoon. RIP
  3. R

    Television (Malcolm Watford)

    Televsion is a prolific poster on the other side and many other MB Fora. So, sadly, from the other side I quote : "This is sad news for many of you, some of you already know. Malcolm has been told his tumour has grown and he has maybe 2 months to live. His family want to hold a barbecue...
  4. developer

    Malcolm (Television) Hits 150,000 Posts

    Obviously on the other forum, which many of us frequent. I thought this may be of some interest to those that remember him from here (a bit before my time). Not meant to be a controversial post - I'm merely sharing that at 80 years old he's still going strong online, as well as attending...
  5. developer

    Comand 2.5 to Television

    What does COMAND 2.5 need to be TV capable?
  6. High-Lo

    Bang & Olufsen MX4000 21" Television

    I need the space so my Bang & Olufsen MX4000 21" Television in Pearly Blue colour which is in excellent condition is up for grabs. It is on the motorised stand (working well) which I paid extra for. I have owned it from new and paid £1,180 for it from a B&O Dealer. I still have the receipt...
  7. ringway

    Children's Television Programmes from the 1940's onwards.

    THIS site gives comprehensive listings of children's television programmes from as far back as the 1940's. Not necessarily all favourites of mine, but I've placed some YouTube clips of what you'll expect to find on the website. So, what are your favourites? 7cX07V4iwBM XuPVcxzVD5A...
  8. Alfie

    Analogue to digital TV conversion

    Just thought we would offer this here to start with for members. We have kits to convert NTG1 (W211 E , W219 CLS , R230 SL , W220 S vehicles which have analogue TV, to digital TV. We also have kits to add /convert D2B cars (W209 CLK, W208 CLK, W220 S, W203 C) to digital TV...
  9. Godot

    Sony 32" LCD 32S2030 Television

    We are selling our HD Ready 80cm / 32" S series TV that has a High Picture Quality. It is a Sony Digital LCD TV, with BRAVIA ENGINE and high performance LCD panel. It's in a very good condition We bought it in Comet for about £800/700 just few years ago, but now we are smitten with...
  10. oldcro

    Television (Malcolm)

    Just read on the other forum that Malcolm has lost three fingers in a table saw accident. He is no longer a member here so may not read our posts, but I would like to wish him a speedy recovery and the best of luck.
  11. J

    Cl55 AMG TV problem... can you help????

    Hi everyone... you were so helpful with my last problem i thought i would test the water again.... my tv in my CL55 doesnt work due to the reception change in our county to Digital... i have been into a MB dealer and they cannot help me and do not know of a solution either... is there anything i...
  12. ringway

    Television Question. What is the difference between these two.

    rHi People, I'm taking the plunge and I'm going to buy a flat screen TV for our sitting room (not that I watch much TV). I have next to no idea about these things but having had excellent reliability and customer service from them in the past I've made up my mind to buy a Panasonic. THIS...
  13. G


    hi iv just bought a 2002 c32 amg its got sat nav and tv built in. the sat nav works perfect but the tv has a problem, you can hear wots on tv but there is no picture .it says on the screen in order not to divert you from traffic the picture is switched off during driving, but it says that all...
  14. Mudster

    Panasonic TX-32PK2 Television (CRT)

    Free to a good home, come and collect it from me Close to Junction 6 M25 (Godstone). I've given in to family pressure and bought a flat panel jobby, which now is in the living room does take up much less space than the big old boy. So I have a huge 32" flat screen CRT Panasonic TV going to a...
  15. R

    Visiting BBC television Centre.

    Any tips on parking nearby or anythingelse for that matter!
  16. M

    Has Television gone digital

    Came from the other side in search of Television " Malcolm " Has he gone digital? A great source of everything, sadly missed
  17. crockers

    Help with television needed....

    I wonder if anyone can help. I have given a portable tv (philips SL92E) to my granddaughter - she has plugged it in and it says "locked" in red writing - it worked fine when i put it in her car but now this - how can we "unlock it" Of course without Malcolm I may be lost there...
  18. D

    Television is missing

    :confused: :confused:
  19. D

    No sign of Television Malcolm.

    Anybody seen him lately? Last posted before 7am this morning.
  20. C

    W124 Bosch Diagnostic Results (Thanks Television!)

    Firstly, thanks Malcom for your suggestion of taking my coupe to a Bosch Specialist for a diagnosis, at £98 incl vat it was good value . I went to one 5 minutes from me and he kept the car two days and ran all his magic connections etc to it and seems to have identified problems with the Warm...
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