1. damiandavis

    W211 E63 Engine Temperature Spike

    Driving in slowish traffic after driving at motorway speed and noticed the engine temp on the E63 rising from the usual 100C to 114C. Not seen this happen before and as soon as i got some speed up the temp dropped again. Is this a cause for concern or usual behaviour? Oil recently changed...
  2. C

    Erratic temperature gauge

    Hi guys I'm a newbie to the forum so please bear with me, I'm having issues with my temperature gauge on my 2011 c220 approx 50k miles, on my daily commute to work my temp gauge seems to fluctuate about 9 miles into my journey, the gauge will be sat at around 80deg (which I think should be...
  3. Jalalul

    Fault Code 2054 Fuel Pump Temperature

    I recently got my C200 CDI 2009 Auto diagnosed and a fault code appears stating 2054 - Fuel Pump Temperature - Short Circuit to a positive or open circuit - Intermittent I was wondering if anyone has experienced this fault and what they did...
  4. D

    W211 Evaporator temperature sensor location.

    Does anyone the exact location (and how to get to it to change it) for the Evaporator Temperature Sensor part no. A2208300772 on a W211 E320 cdi please? I really don't want to rip any more of the car apart looking unless I know I'm going in the right direction!
  5. T

    W211 E270cdi temperature too low??

    Collected my new (to me) E270 yesterday and was surprised how low the temp gauge was. The outside temp was about 14c but the engine temp gauge struggled to get above 80 on the 200 mile drive home. It was warm and sunny and for 1 1/2 hours on the M6 it was stop go. Later I took an hours rest...
  6. dan-mb

    Correct running temperature 209 CLK 240 V6 Petrol

    So today I had a nice 6 hour 300 mile round trip to north Wales to take the dog to the beach (I was bored). Motorway speeds and occasional spirited driving ;) the engine temp never went above 80-84 I have recently had a new oil cooler fitted in the rad. I can't remember what it used to run at on...
  7. L

    2006 A Class Temperature

    Hi, I haven't owned by 2006 A170 (Petrol) for long, I noticed today the temp gauge moves about a bit, can drop to just below the 8 of 80 and to just over to 0 of 80? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5_vK1yaxLQ0WXFrU3EtZ1VCSnc/view?usp=sharing...
  8. Bruce Wayne

    Engine oil Temperature

    Before getting my oil service done by MB the oil temperature read 102 at the highest (even after giving it the beans) However after the service (beginning of Feb) the car runs at 108 now without even driving a little spirited. What's everyone else running at ? Anything I should be concerned...
  9. jonnymerc

    Water temperature fluctuation W204

    The problem I am getting when the car is up to temperature about 87c after a while it drops to 80c after a short time it goes back to 87c then back to 80c and so on it never goes past the normal temp It's a 2014 c class w204 Does any one know what the problem could be? Many thanks john
  10. L

    W221 - Ambient Temperature Sensor MB p/n

    Hi, recently I started receiving inaccurate outside temperature readings. After checking I discovered it cracked on the tip. It need to be replaced. I have found some spare parts on eBay but not sure if correct. Could anybody tell me the correct MB part number please? Kind regards
  11. M.A.94

    W210 temperature doesn't raise much

    Right so I've noticed my w210s temperature doesn't raise much. There has been times where I've had the guage upto 80-90 (which to me seems right) but for the majority of the time the max I'm getting is around 60 (see attached image). I have taken the thermostat out of the equation since...
  12. Braincrank

    temperature rising and it's freezing out there ...

    Just came down the M1 and there was some traffic were the speed was about 30 mph and suddenly the temperature went up .... Once the traffic eased and I was back to cruising speed the temperature leveled out at just just over 80 which is normal for my car. My guess is thermostat ?! Also, the...
  13. CLS-Reece

    Cls 2010 temperature sensor

    Hi guys My outside temperature sensor is occasionally reading the wrong temperature. I have seen online (eBay) there is a temperature sensor that goes in the lower grill. But when I look on places like EuroCarParts and GSF they don't list such a thing. Is this what reads the outside temp...
  14. Max Shine

    External Temperature Gauge Inaccurate

    The external temperature indicator on my 2012 W212 today was reading 5c when infact it was 2c, according to the weather on the radio (which prompted the query) and on checking various weather apps and online, they too said it was 2c. Is there a calibration required or faulty sensor?
  15. optimusprime


    Hi just going to fit this new temperature sensor.I need to know how to connect the leads on the end .Looking at the sensor ,,and the connector you can fit them on two ways .Nothing to stop you doing so .Is this right ?
  16. JohnEclass

    C300 Temperature Gauge

    At risk of asking a stupid question! Does anyone know if there is an engine temp gauge on a C300?... if there is its not obvious... and the handbook is less than useless. I've never had a car without a temperature gauge???? Cheers
  17. M

    208D OM601 temperature

    Afternoon all, Im having a bit of a scratchy head moment. Ive got a 1990 208D with the OM601 engine and it seems to 'get hot' but not over heat. On my temp gauge there are 2 white lines at approx 1/4 and 3/4. I can leave the engine running all day and it will stay at the lower mark but on the...
  18. ardisulo

    W202 220 CDI low engine temperature

    First of all congratulation for this wonderful forum which brings us all together! I have a W202 220 CDI engine car, owned for about three years by now. Everything is smooth really enjoy riding this great car. Two years ago I started having problems with the engine operating temperature. It...
  19. O

    204 220cdi 2009 Sport (Temperature)

    While driving on motorway the temp gauge doesn't move above 60c , when in traffic goes to normal around 90 when hit motorway goes back to 60. Is that normal? [emoji849] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. GlenQ

    2004 S320 CDI Engine Temperature

    Can anyone tell me the correct engine running temperature? My 320 CDI runs at 40c while the car is moving and increases quite quickly when stationary until the electric fan kicks-in. 40c seems a tad low to me.
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