1. Dogbreath

    Convenience Functions Temporarily unavailable

    Hi all I've had this message every now and again since I bought the car in May. The car is not a daily driver and I use it maybe twice a week but not for long runs unles there is a meet on..! It's never been a problem but a couple of week ago the key fob wouldn't open the car, changed 2 new fob...
  2. Charles Morgan

    Patching a hole temporarily

    A new project has a tiny hole in a wheelarch letting in water. This not being a good time of year for water and not wishing to start repairs until the full scope of work I want done is specified, anybody got a good idea for plugging an inch or so sized hole in the driver's footwell in a way...
  3. Gareth

    Battery Protection, Convenience Functions Temporarily unavailable

    "Battery Protection, Convenience Functions Temporarily unavailable" This came up on the instrument panel this morning, then after driving for 5 minutes it flagged up "Please be aware Convenience Functions now available". I'm guessing this is because I had the car running an air pump for 30...
  4. comports

    Temporarily died

    Now here's a thing. I went to the station to pick up one of the kids yesterday.. after they got in the car I turned around and got to the car park park entrance and stopped to see if there was any on coming traffic (like you do) and the road was clear so I HOOFED the car away trying to get a...
  5. A

    temporarily without a Merc

    just sold our old estate :( bought by a nice guy from from Chatham - so it's gone to a good home and another potential Kent MBClub member. Hopefully the replacement arrives tomorrow :) Andy
  6. C

    battery protection: convenience functions temporarily unavailable - new E

    Hi all, I'm starting to get this warning message "battery protection: convenience functions temporarily unavailable" every day now, every time I take the car out. It's starting to get really annoying. This is on a new E (had it two months). At the moment the car does tend to get used only...
  7. scotth_uk

    With sadness, I am (temporarily) leaving the crew..... :-(

    Hi Guys, I've been offered a deal that I cannot refuse through Skyfleet in Kent for a Mazda MX-5 1.8 convertible on 12 month personal contract hire. Unfortunately this means that the 190e 2.6 has to go - and soon! New car arrives in less than 4 weeks. I shall be back again with another...
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