1. pcthrillrider

    timing chain tensioner

    my clk320 2005 80k miles when cold make a rumble on cold starts for a 2 secs or so, im guessing chain tensioner, my q is when putting new one back in does it need to be set or just bolted back in and torqued? i just did the dreaded crackcase breather covers seals on both sides,i took off the...
  2. horatio

    M111 belt tensioner, pulley & shock, almost new! Fits various Mercs

    I have a belt tensioner, pulley and shock to fit Mercs with (I believe but double check) any M111 4 cyl petrol engine. They were fitted to our C180 very shortly before it was scrapped. The tensioner is Litens (they make these for MB), pulley is Gates and the shock SKF. £35 posted. Good...
  3. derekpayne

    W203 Fan belt tensioner removal

    Hi I have removed my alternator for repair, and while I am at it I thought I would cure the rattle coming from the fan belt tensioner, it appears that the shock absorber bushes are worn, but I have removed the bolts I can see but the tensioner does not want to be removed from the engine, I...
  4. S

    C180 1.8 CGi Cam Chain and Tensioner

    Please could someone help me with the Removal and fitting of cam chain and adjuster on the 2011 C180 CGi my wife has. It has done 46000 miles and has developed the dreaded rattle on startup and twice has not started on the first turn of the key. I have been in touch with a local Mercedes dealer...
  5. B

    Hydraulic/spring tensioner 97 C180

    I have a loud engine tapping on start up that stops after a minuit of raised revs, I was thinking stuck lifter but its more likely a lifter that wont hold pressure when not running. Also considering chain tensioner with bust spring that can cope once oil pressure takes over, is that how the...
  6. I

    2008 W204 Tensioner change

    Evening All, I've a 2008 W204 C180K and I'm sure the idler / tensioner of the serpentine belt is the cause of the noise (Like a squeak) from under the hood so I'd like to change it out. Has anyone done it? I'm thinking it should not be a big job as the engine is only 4 cylinders so I should...
  7. pcthrillrider

    idler and tensioner pully

    does anyone know the correct torque of idler pulley and tensioner pully on CLK320 2005 M112.955 engine
  8. andy27168

    55k Charger Tensioner Pulley Bolt

    Has anyone changed their supercharger belt tensioner recently? that might have the old one still lying around? I need the centre pulley bolt off it as I have rounded off the internal Torx splines on mine :doh: I want to replace the bearing on the pulley.
  9. E240estate

    CDI 611 Timing chain tensioner (and HG update)

    The good news is it is possible to remove the cylinder head from a W638 Vito with the engine in the vehicle. I couldn't find this info anywhere before I started so I hope it's of use. Thinking about putting this back together, can anyone confirm that the chain tensioner need to be removed...
  10. N

    W211 E220 CDI drive belt tensioner and idler pulley torque loading

    As the title suggests I need the torque figures for the drive belt tensioner and idler pulleys on my E220 CDI W211. I am replacing them along with the drive belt but the Haynes manual does not include either the procedure or torque loadings for the tensioner or idlers.
  11. E

    '04 E55K belt tensioner replacement

    It looks very simple, if a bit fiddly due to the restricted space. Remove the supercharger belt, relieve the tension on the serpentine belt tensioner, pin in to hold it like that, unscrew the central star bolt, remove central star bolt and pulley, reinstall bolt with new pulley (25nm...
  12. L

    1997 c280 tensioner

    Hi guys it's my first time on here so please excuse any mistakes I make. Wonder if any of you can shine some light on alittle problem I got. Basically the bearing on my tensioner pulley keeps failing after a few day's. My car is a 1997 c280 v6 sport. Being a toolmaker by trade I have replaced...
  13. 5

    Serpentine belt tensioner - help!

    Hello all - gave a local garage my car to change the fan belt and the car has returned with the new fan belt totally loose and the tensioner seems to be broken :mad:. MB part, 8 rib and confirmed looks same as old with same p/n. Can't drive the car as belt too loose and no way of tightening it...
  14. T

    C180 Kompressor V belt Tensioner Pulley

    Hi all I have occasional chirping coming from one of the pulleys on a 10 year old C180. To fix it I am going to change the V belt, Idler pulley and the pulley on the V belt tensioner (not the full tensioner mechanism which appears to be working ok) Question is ...... does anyone know the...
  15. anfieldassasin

    m102 water pump and belt tensioner

    Anyone have any idea how hard it would be to change the water pump and the belt tensioner assembley on an m102 motor? My water pumps leaking from the weep hole underneath Any diys anywhere? Sam
  16. S

    OM646 Serpentine belt tensioner oscillation

    Noticed my tensioner oscillates quite a lot when idling. Is it normal? 60K miles E220Cdi. https://youtu.be/SR3u6tGb2zk Thanks
  17. dddrrift

    supercharger belt tensioner failure

    anyone had this tensioner fail? This may be useful to those that are handy with a spanner! Mine recently developed a rumble and I could visibly see the pulley wobbling when the engine was running. Priced up a new tensioner which worked out around £130 online, however I decided to dismantle...
  18. D

    V belt and tensioner

    Im going to fit a new v belt this weekend but do you need to replace the tensioner at the same time as a matter of course ?
  19. B

    Is my tensioner screwed??

    Got some nasty squeeling from engine bay. I think tensioner is failing. Just want opinion if i should replace pulley only or whole tensioner... There quite pricey. Thanks
  20. D

    M103 engine noise - Tensioner or Viscous CLutch

    Good Morning, Following a moment of madness / excitement I bought a 1993 300SL at auction - "sold as seen"..... Bodywork is good, some pealing lacquer but no rust. Interior is good bar drivers seat bolster and engine runs well. Car does appear to have been looked after in a past life. Hard...
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