1. M

    2001 SLK200 belt tensioners

    Hi all, as part of getting my new(to me) SLK 200 up to the condition that I want it I intend to replace the ribbed drive belts, Aux drive belt and supercharger belt. I've performed a few searches and cant find a proccedure for this, I'm mainly concerned about the belt tensioners and how to...
  2. P

    W211 Airbags & Pre tensioners

    Hi, new here so hope I am posting in the correct area. My 2007 w211 E320Cdi Estate has been involved in a head on collision. The drivers airbag and seatbelt pre-tensioner were discharged as expected, but I am bemused by some other occurences - namely, the drivers seat squab seems to have moved...
  3. punjabi

    Seat belt tensioners?

    300TE - The front seat belts do not retract when released? Is the tensioner or some other mechanism in the side pillars faulty? They do go in when 'applied' through the retract slot. How do you get to the belt mechanism?
  4. D

    of belts, bushings and tensioners

    1993 W124 280E Going to change the drive belt (cracked). Is it worth changing the tensionser ?. Have also seen mention of bushings? (are they part of the tensioner ?) TIA
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