1. S

    Roof Tent for ML 350

    Hi, Has anybody managed to use a roof top tent with an ML350? If so, how? I'm aware that there is a 100 kg limit on the 2010 model, is this correct? Thanks for your help.
  2. MercedesDriver

    Best car for camping (tent) trips

    In need of an advise as all rear seat occupants are growing up and saloon became too tight. As per title, trips are to Northern Italy, two adults, two kids, one bulldog, 5 berth tent + equipment (chairs,table,...) for 10 days camping, four 21" cases, travel fridge, 1 bag of inflatable toys for...
  3. reflexboy

    Four man tent and accessories-free/donation only

    My brother has a vis-a-vis four man Halfords tent in blue which has been used once in his back garden by his kids so is in perfect condition. It comes with two lamps, two double air beds and four sleeping bags. He doesn't want anything for it and all he asks is the new owner collects it from...
  4. G

    ML and Tent of Goliath...

    I think it shows the useability of the thing; Huge tent, Dog, Junior, wife, camping kitchen, camping tables x 2, 3 x camping chairs, various toys and beach wears + beach tent 2 x surfboards, clothes, BBQ, 2 blow up beds + sleeping bags + a load of other stuff that we did not use! The car still...
  5. Spinal

    Tent Advice

    I need a high altitude tent (aka mountain tent, expedition tent, etc)... Having looked around, the "top 4" which I should be considering are: Mountain Hardware Trango 2 Terra Nova Quasar The North Face Mountain 25 Marmot Thor 2P Does anyone have any experience with any of these? There are...
  6. SL300-24

    4-6 Man tent wanted

    Prefer Outwell Montana or similar.....does anyone have one in good condition for sale please?
  7. A

    Tent for your ML....

    Was at Chatsworth Country show on saturday and spotted this.... Quite handy. Also on an inspiration model :)
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