1. clk320x

    Anyone used Tesco vouchers with eurotunnel

    Just converted £15 of vouchers to £45 of tunnel codes However just seen it says must be booked 14 days in advance How strict is this as we were planning on travelling sooner than that? It says to ring up but offices now closed Anyone else used Tesco codes and travelled within 14 days...
  2. clk320x

    Tesco car park = football pitch

    Wtf Since when has Tesco car park been a football pitch? Was just driving off and football gets booted at Mach 10 into the side of my car :doh: A few showroom fresh 17 plates parked around there too Thankfully no damage I could see, I mean it's only a ball but I mean the guy has such a good...
  3. O

    Good service from Tesco Insurance

    Bh had an accident last Wednesday on a business trip to Birmingham - lost all power suddenly on entering service area causing steering and brakes to fail on her Meriva. Only stopped by bushes on the grassed area. Car was recovered to their repairer near home . Inspection done Friday and...
  4. flango

    Simon products cheap at Tesco

    Not everyone's favourite cleaning materials I know but Tesco have really slashed the price on these everything is either £2 or £2.50. Which makes them incredible value.
  5. R

    V Power Or Momentum Tesco C63

    What fuel you guys use?
  6. brucemillar

    Tesco Fuel Again?

    Motorists insist Tesco to blame for fuel breakdowns in Faversham
  7. J

    might have to say goodbye to tesco own brand polish :)

    well decided to dabble in the world of fancy polish and waxes and bought a small sample jar of do do juice wax.. had a little read up about it and though what the heck lets give this snake oil a go..!! well after polishing the car with my Auto glym resin polish i carefully applied the do do...
  8. P

    mercedes 'tesco finest' range of servicing

    Seriously, this seems like good value, so why was I quoted 3 trillion pounds for a service by my local stealer instead of being told about this 139 quid oil+filter service? Mercedes-Benz UK - Servicing - 7+ Value Service I wonder if they do the same for ATF changes!?
  9. s500colin

    Tesco Mobile any good ?

    My mobile is up for upgrade and looking around Tesco mobile have some cracking deals at the moment. As they use the O2 network it looks a good choice. Anybody had any dealing with them
  10. G

    Tesco fuel or branded

    On another forum I visit there is a tanker driver who is very credible that says that when he collects fuel in his tanker it just comes from two outlets ie premium grade and basic, and that BP,shell, Texaco etc take from the same taps that he does and that he as an unbranded tanker delivers to...
  11. W

    Tesco 99RON fuel and C32 issues

    Hi about a year ago I switched over to Tesco 99Ron because I had heard good reports about it and also I had moved to within 1 mile of a Tesco petrol station selling the stuff. I had been using V-Power in my C32 previously. The C32 was Ok for about 2-3 weeks using the 99RON then I started to...
  12. D

    Tesco Express Petrol

    I believe that Tesco Express is often teamed up with Esso Petrol Stations. Until recently you did not earn Clubcard points on Petrol. You do know.... Hope this helps.
  13. Stratman

    Tesco 10p off per litre

    Mrs. Stratman has just returned from the weekly shop at Tesco, and the usual 5p/L off voucher has become 10p/L this week with a spend of £60 :thumb: I'm off to put in 65 litres of dino juice.
  14. Mike Walker

    Tesco Petrol - Momentum or not?

    Mrs W obtained money off vouchers - 5p per litre - for Tesco petrol recently so took advantage this morning and got the above for the same cost as their standard fuel. Just wondering what the Forum thought of it, if anything, compared to 'other' premium brands? :dk:
  15. 300CE

    Tesco Fuel, Sidcup - Be Wary

    Just had a phone call from my dad to say the reason his car stopped working was due to fuel contamination. He was driving to the coast on Monday when the car stopped and the engine management light came on as well as the 4wd light & the immobiliser light. Recovery took the car to the...
  16. M

    Tesco insurance, what a joke!

    My Dad had his Range Rover Vogue set on fire while it was parked outside a friends house at the weekend. The Police said it was the third car in three hours that had been torched, and they had all started from the passenger side front wheel arch. My Dad called his insurance company today...
  17. Mobb

    Tesco's.. An Idiot.. And a damaged bumper.

    Parked the car in tescos.. Was only going in to get a drink. I came out and some idiot had reversed his Ford Galaxy into the rear of my car.. Luckily as there was alot of people going in and out of tesco, someone got the plate for me. Looked at the damage before getting into the car and...
  18. krisml320

    Tesco fuel

    Why does my car ml320 run like a old banger whenever i fill up at a tesco petrol station:crazy:
  19. grober

    TESCO to sell Tyres

    Yes it would appear Tesco are going to sell tyres via their commercial partner Black Circles. Motorists will be able to order tyres on line from their website Buy Tyres Online & Earn Clubcard Points | Tesco Tyres and have them fitted at selected garages. Tesco steers into the tyre market -...
  20. Stratman

    Tesco wiper blades?

    Does anyone know if Tesco's floppy 'invertebrate' wiper blades would fit a W203? I've looked at Halford's offering but they only sell those for the traditional 'hook' fitting.
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