1. M

    Testdrive of the new A45 AMG

    Today I got the chance to tryout our new A45 AMG for an hour. I had a blast driving this little racer. But stupidly I took it after an half hour of joyriding the owner's SLS Roadster. So I have to admit being a bit disappointed on the performance. But I did appreciate anyway as a cheaper way to...
  2. blueserenity777

    Dont Testdrive a C63 AMG

    I testdrove a C63 AMG today..emm..now I am sad..it was the best testdrive..Went through the Shoreham Bypass, pulled down the window and flowed the pedal..The roar and buzz was mind blowing..This is one sickly powered car..I WANT ONE NOW..getting back into my C180K even with Kleemann boost did...
  3. C

    W221 - First Testdrive

    Here is a little article about the new S Class: W221 Testdrive Greetings André
  4. Shude

    pre-test-drive test-drive

    My friend is going to check out a w124 coupé tomorrow. See here for previous thread: http://mbclub.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1852&highlight=guide . He's not driven anything for a couple of years, and the last car he drove was the one he passed his driving test in (corsa or...
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