1. Screwdriver

    WTB: W124 Saloon GREY MB Tex Seat Covers

    Looking for a full set of Grey color MB Tex seat covers to fit a W124 saloon/ sedan. I will pay a premium for MB Tex in excellent condition. Covers must be separate from the seat. Please PM me or post here. Cheers!
  2. F

    Wanted, W124 Estate leather/mb tex full interior

    As title am looking for a full leather or MB tex interior for my W124 300TD any condition, colour and location will be considered.
  3. E

    DIY repair of Black MB Tex seats and door panels with MAJOR rips & holes (2007 W

    I'm looking for a DIY guide on how to fix holes and rips in black MB Tex seats on a 2007 W203 that's been neglected for way too long . I've been searching a lot and found DIY guides that deal with only minor rips & holes, not big issues like these seats show, as you see in the included pictures...
  4. Screwdriver

    Wanted: W123 MB Tex Beige Seat Cover

    I'm not too happy with the previous owners patch on the drivers seat and would like to replace the cover with a matching set. The shade appears to be lighter than Palomino but darker than Cream. Any leads or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. J

    MB Tex??

    Hi all, Can anyone let me have a data card on my new w210? WDB2102262B203088 Want to work out if its got MB Tex! Thanks in advance :-) JK
  6. Supacool1

    W202 Wagon Grey Tex seat

    Looking for a drivers seat with the grey MB Tex. My drivers seat is a bit on the rough side and beyond repair! Been after one for ages now! :wallbash: Help yo!
  7. Supacool1


    Hi, I would like the above in Grey please as my seat is a bit tatty and ripped.
  8. M

    is this mb tex?

    Mercedes W124 Estate Full Brown Leather Interior. | eBay
  9. Supacool1

    W202 Grey Tex drivers seat

    I would like the above for my wagon. The drivers seat is torn and scuffed and is getting rather uncomfortable. Anyone help me out? Am located in Hampshire. Thanks.
  10. I

    MB Tex, was the UK allergic?

    Hi All, I’ve been trying to avoid buying a W123 Coupe for a while; however, I can feel my resolve weakening. My initial objective was to buy a Turbo version from America, firstly for the turbo, and secondly for the lack of rust. Prices there have gone high – or it seems so since I’ve been...
  11. Timster

    Up for grabs: Breaking Complete 124 Estate '87 (MB Tex interior)

    Hi Folks. The Red 124 Estate has lost it's battle with Rust and the MOT man after 198,500 miles - very sad, I was hoping to cross the 200,000 mark before retiring her but it wasn't to be. As of yesterday the car is declared SORN and is parked on a friends spare bit of land. I can keep it...
  12. d w124

    MB tex w124 seats

    Few months ago someone asked for,but don`t remember who eBay Österreich: Mercedes W123 MB TEX Sitze in WEISS guter Zustand! (Artikel 290344914631 endet 06.09.09 20:31:00 MESZ)
  13. I

    Restoring MB Tex on W107

    Hi all new to this forum, new to owning a MB. Bought a R107 350 SL one month ago, fine example of 1972. As you can imagine the interior needs TLC. Could employ a professional but that bill will be in excess of £3k, money I dont have and also nearly the complete value of the car. Therefore I...
  14. B

    MB Cloth Fabric vs MB Tex

    Hey mates, I currently have the famous W202 fabric cloth that came in my classic model. I never really liked it too too much since I got the car and have been recently contemplating to change it with MB Tex of the same colour, mostly because it gets dirty so easily and cleaning it is not a...
  15. chrispy

    M Tex Trim (W202)

    I've had my eye on a black M Tex trim for my W202 and wanted the opinion of members here as to their quality? Ideally i'd like a black leather sports trim for my Merc but they're like rocking horse poop to get hold of and I hear the same thing everytime I ring a breakers yard (sold one yesterday...
  16. 1

    Where can I get MB Tex material for my tweeter pods?

    I have made up these tweeter pods below, does anybody know who sells black MB Tex fabric? Tweeter Builds Cheers Rich
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