1. daveenty

    Just got a text

    From my new car. :eek: The dealer has obviously registered me for this ME thing though, as I don't pick it up till next week and it's 250 miles away, there's not a lot I can do about it really apart from letting them know via email which I've done. I suppose I should be impressed really...
  2. I

    HPI text check

    Hi all, Has anyone used any of the text based vehicle checks. Im thinking of buying a shed and dont fancy paying for the full fat HPI check but dont want to go in blind or pay for a useless text check. Thanks Ivan
  3. S

    Command and Text message query

    I have command in my 2012 W212, think it is ntg4.5. I can get text messages displayed and read out, nut the option to call sender and a few others are greyed out. Any idea why this is? Also, is it possible to reply to texts within command via voice? thanks
  4. lisa110rry

    Text messaging

    A young person who is doing a little bit of work in our offices today has told me that if he received a text message with a full stop he would assume the sender was angry with him! In addition, he tells me that older people using a lot of emojis is "cringe". Have you any advice on proper...
  5. grober

    F1 compulsory text??

    http://www.crash.net/f1/news/234933/1/brawn-lined-up-to-succeed-ecclestone-as-f1-chief.html scoop courtesy of our own Stratman
  6. MissyD

    text messages to pc

    Is it possible to transfer text messages from my mobile to a pc please?
  7. T

    S205 C Class Text Messages

    Hi All, Have been playing with the COMMAND system in my car, and it seems that it doesn't notify me of text messages, just comes up saying error unable to download messages. Is there something specific I need to do to get this working with an iPhone 6S?
  8. Harrythedog

    Comand NTG4.5 text message reading

    I have an iPhone 6s and text messages aren't coming through onto the Comand. They worked fine with the iphone 4, any clues ? Thanks
  9. P

    Text message

    I've now had my new C220d for a week, first Merc and loving it so far! I have one little gripe, I have obviously connected the phone, lumia 640, by bluetooth but whenever a text message comes in it mutes the radio as it seems to think it is a call. If I press the end call button on the...
  10. developer

    Transferring Text And Contacts From HTC One Mini To Samsung S6

    What's the easiest/safest way please? I've done the photos, but I need my contacts and texts transferred from the HTC to the Samsung. Thanks.
  11. stwat

    looks like predictive text made a boob

  12. developer

    HTC One Mini Text Problems

    HTC One Mini text problems - confused.com 1st I received a text from someone in my contacts but it had two senders.in the "from" field. I replied to the sender who had asked the question and immediately got a phone call from the other "sender" saying he'd received a strange text from me. The...
  13. L

    Unwanted and unasked for Text Messages

    I have been receiving text messages offering prizes ( like 3 a day) I didn't pay much attention until my mobile phone bill arrived and was shocked to find I was being charged almost £1.50 per text. After some searching, I found the company responsible -Zamano Solutions based in Dublin. On...
  14. R

    Comand NTG 4.5 DAB text

    I have an interesting anomaly regarding my NTG 4.5 DAB radio, I listen to Planet Rock there is never any artist or track information, it always just says “no information” ? Radio 1 displays this info no problem. I car share with a friend to work (BMW) and he also listens to planet rock and he...
  15. Mike Walker

    Abuse via text

    My wife has suffered with abusive telephone calls from one of her family in the past and, as technology moves ever onward, is now receiving a new type of problem, hence the title of this post. :( Telephone calls stopped after I answered the 'phone and told my dear sister - in - law that she...
  16. developer

    iPhone 4S text delivery reports

    On my previous phones, text delivery reports were easy to select and reliable. On the i4S some texts show "delivered", other's don't. Is there a setting I'm missing?
  17. Igurisu

    Ebay - car for sale, call or text my friend?

    I'm seeing more of these ads, maybe I'm just cynical but I can't help thinking this is a scam of some sort. If the deal goes sour or wrong, then the Ebayer doesn't get any bad feedback. I R suspicious person........ :)
  18. Godot

    The List of Chat Acronyms & Text Message Shorthand

    The List of Chat Acronyms & Text Message Shorthand With more than 82 million people texting regularly, it's no wonder you've seen this cryptic looking code! Commonly used wherever people get online -- including IMing, SMSing, cell phones, Blackberries, PDAs, Web sites, games, newsgroup...
  19. D

    cheap gold check on cars with insurance pity no text service!!

    Vehicle / Car Data and history Check - not HPI Check on eBay (end time 11-Jun-11 22:40:42 BST)
  20. R

    Text messages not showing on COMAND

    I've got a Blackberry Bold 9780 connected to my W203 using the pukka MB specific cradle which uses bluetooth to connect to COMAND. An irritation is that text messages don't appear on the COMAND screen, as they did when I used to use the Nokia 6310i and appropriate cradle. It's a bit of a...
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