1. ringway

    What the River Told Me. Thames Water Radio.

    A super radio documentary by the Cathy Fitzgerald. I think her productions are brilliant and she is ultra-gifted in her field. LINK. Radio waves are usually picked up using a metal aerial and then converted to an electric signal which is played through speakers. Thames Water Radio uses a jet...
  2. S

    Mb Specialist near KT3, Kingston Upon Thames

    Hi I have A160 (61) and C180 (61) plate I am looking for a independent garage to service them and look after near me any recommendation Thanks
  3. leef44

    Hello from Walton on Thames

    Currently not a MB owner. I used to have a CL420 MY97. Just loved it for its smooth V8 and creature comforts but was missing the V8 rumble. I've joined the forum because I'm saving up for an SLK55 AMG. Just need to have a V8 in my life but would like something compact. The open top will keep me...
  4. Howard

    This is how we roll on the Thames

    ;) hSo9B5pq140
  5. N

    Thames Water - "You have a leak."

    A leak detection man from Thames Water knocked on my door yesterday. He turned the water off in the house & in the road, stuck a little digital meter on top of the stopcock & came to the conclusion I am leaking 1 litre every 83 seconds from somewhere between the road stopcock (installed a month...
  6. T

    Hello - "New" A Class in Thames Valley

    Hi all, just bought my wife a 2006 W169 A170 Avantgarde SE. The car drives well but has a couple of issues which I'll post elsewhere. My own car is a Volvo and I'm an active member of various Volvo forums but I know nothing about Mercs but I promise to use the search function before posting...
  7. M

    Concorde on the Thames?

    Just a proposal at the moment, but I'd love to see this happen... Concorde 'set for new home on Thames' in floating display |
  8. N

    The Thames is frozen in Maidenhead tonight.

    I just came back from a very cold walk along the Thames from Boulter's Lock towards Cookham. The lock cut just up river from Boulter's Lock is frozen from bank to bank for hundreds of yards. I've never seen that before.
  9. BTB 500

    Thames Valley Police - 'Speed Awareness' course thresholds

    Just in case anyone is interested, in the Thames Valley region you will currently be offered a Speed Awareness course as an alternative to a fixed penalty for being caught at the following speeds: 30 limit: from 35 to 39 mph 40 limit: from 46 to 50 mph 50 limit: from 57 to 61 mph 60 limit...
  10. Gollom

    Flooding and the Thames

    Howard Bet life is a bit interesting at the moment - is it just you stopping the whole place flooding? :crazy: So what volume are you dealing with currently and what % is it up on a "normal" time?
  11. Alfie

    What I'm sending to thames Water today!

    Here is a copy of a letter I've just sent to Thames water. 22nd June 2006 Customer Services Manager Thames Valley Water PO Box 188, Bishops Rise, Hatfield, Herts AL10 9AE Customer reference; 1234567-8 Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for your recent bill advising me that you...
  12. R

    River thames gtg. Sat 17th Sept 05

    Was i right in thinking there might be a evening GTG in kingston to look at a lock gate and some ducks ?
  13. C240Sport97

    SPECS camera on Upper Thames Street, London

    Those dreaded things have now hit the City .. they hang high up in the air, far away from the vandals :( You don't see them unless you're looking out for them!!! They are also at the beginning and the end of the 20mph zone. Last night, I am sure I got done (no flash since they don't need...
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