1. gadget1960

    A BIG thankyou to a111r

    Not sure this is the correct place to say it but .... Many thanks to a111r for sorting me out with a part I needed, top man, great comms, and all round 'good egg'. :thumb:
  2. R

    Thankyou Mercedes Benz and Poundland

    As you guys know I am absolutely chuffed to bits with my car. It meets my needs for a bit of performance, with long range comfort and even good mpg. My only gripe has been the low level squeaks and noises the car makes. I rang two MB dealers who both wanted £120 plus vat to look at what was...
  3. merc85

    Thankyou Mercedes & SBC

    As above would like to say thankyou to Mercedes and Sbc for quite possible saving my families life today. I was coming back from Chelmsford in essex on the A12 Dual carridge way section, had my 3, 5, 7 year olds on board along with my wife up front, when i was over taking a slower moving Honda...
  4. merc85

    Cowdray Car Centre Massive thankyou!

    Many years ago my farther had his 1984 380se Serviced and Maintained by Chris who is Owner of this wonderfull place when he was situated in Colchester on the Cowdray Centre, Then Chris moved to Shrub end road in Colchester and we lost contact. Well i found him and contacted him asking for a...
  5. R

    A HUGE thankyou for the PCS GTG!!:)

    Thank you everybody for a wonderful day! Great drive to the GTG, a laugh doing our Cobham parade. Lovely time at PCS and what a great line up of cars at the Benz on the Green. Great to see so many beautifully prepared cars and lovely to meet and talk to so many of you:) Well done Olly and your...
  6. S

    A MASSIVE thankyou....

    to Acid & all the guys & girls at MSL for all the great work, banter etc etc that they show to everybody. I went down from Aberdeen for the first time to MSL on Wednesday past, I'd had chats with Acid re some mods, so I was getting: Long Tube Headers, Remap, fitting of a Quaife LED & an Oil...
  7. T

    Thankyou for the recomendation.

    Bought the Meguiar car shampoo and autoglym wax after reading advice from the forum. Bit pricey but well worth the spend. Absolutely buzzing with the results. After first use this morning. The shampoo is rich and can feel it really working into the paintwork. The wax was easy to apply and...
  8. bennesspipers

    Thankyou Gov't for wasting my day ! (A Cat story)

    Dropped my 202 in for its MOT test this morning, 1 hour later got a 'Its failed on emmissions, prob Cat) phone call. Took the car to a professional exhaust workshop thinking i'd need a new Cat, they said "we hear this a lot, do yourself a favour & go thrash it down the road & when hot take it...
  9. 7

    》》need help 《《《 PICTURES INCLUDED....mErC .. thankyou

    Hi.have found some old/new stock mercedes parts.can I decode vin somwhere so it tells mw what vechile/year parts I have?? Any websites I can check out? Have googled few part numbers but cant find what vechile part off??? Any help with this would be much appreciated. Cheers
  10. Gollom

    TrapperJohn - a public thankyou

    Just wanted to say publicly what a thoroughly nice man TrapperJohn is. Nothing is too much trouble and he goes out of his way to help others, a fact of which quite a few forum members are aware :bannana::rock::thumb: The BEST forum!
  11. C

    A very big thankyou

    Hi. I have not been a member for very long and I have been astonished by the amount of very useful information I have found abouit my CLK. With out this group I would have been lost and not know what to do. I want to say thank you to all the members that take the time and trouble to post on...
  12. E

    Thankyou E.C.P

    Just a quick thank you to ECP for the discount due to being a MBCLUB member, i purchased front Pagid Disc & pads for £110 thats a saving of almost £40!!! also the bromsgrove depot were spot on. Thanks :thumb:
  13. camerafodder

    A Big Public Thankyou to 124 Works

    Thanks to Ian and his grandson and Aandyy of course for the day spent on a C service for my E320. Brake pads, engine oil Air/Oil/fuel filters, ATF oil and filter change star diagnostics, cups of tea, steak pie from round the corner and much more (apart from hobnobs which apparently Aandyy really...
  14. jpskiller

    Big Thankyou to Ian @ 124Works

    need to say big thanks to Ian for going above and beyond today.. Now I know my car is not a merc, but the job today was change water pump and coolant valve, sound easy... should be 2-3 hrs, not a chance took 5-6 hrs - dident finish till 11pm tonight got a guide, problem with guide is it must...
  15. Druk

    Thank-you Pontoneer

    Reference tonights Scottish meet at the Tulliallan Police college. What can one say? Just the most extraordinary experience. Short talk on road awareness then paired up and out onto the backroads and byeways in a 4X4 Jaguar traffic car at full pursuit speeds under 'blues and twos'. JESUS...
  16. jonnyboy

    a thank-you, and why "successful" forums work

    My old man always used to say "quid pro quo" , well, not really, actually used to say always pay back favours (a simple fella at heart he is). A personal thank you to a member who went above and beyond for me last week:- I pm'd EDZ649 aka Leigh from Scott James Windows following some...
  17. R

    Well thankyou!!

    Last time I looked my Gallery had about 70 thanks and now I seem to have been unthanked so that I only have 1 left....was it something I said?
  18. wobbly

    Thankyou Alfie & Richard

    Thanks to Alfie and Richard for there great work today on my girlfriend c180 coupe. Comand system was installed and programmed, and auto folding mirrors enabled. The work was carried out quickly and to the highest standard.:) Nice guys to meet and chat with. Again many thanks.
  19. maaaddog

    A Big Thankyou

    Hi just to let you all know what a great forum this is,a few months ago my car started having starting problems and along with this a leak from the side of the fuel pump,i went to a few diesel experts !!! who informed me they had to remove the pump £1.400 + the cost of reparing the pump around...
  20. L

    a big thankyou

    i would like to say a big thankyou to everyone who helped me after car was broken into. new ashtray sourced and fitted from dealer for £40 and got an original 2006 disk from someone who had upgraded THANKS
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