1. markjay

    London's Apollo Theatre's ceiling collapses

    BBC News - London's Apollo Theatre's ceiling collapses
  2. LTD

    Home Theatre Media streaming ...

    Bear with me on this one ... My iMac sits in a different room from the main TV (as yet an unpurchased flat screen to replace an ageing CRT). I have the vast majority of my movies ripped to an external HDD that is attached to said iMac. I used a wireless router (n spec) I have Plex Media...
  3. Jukie

    Pioneer home theatre system

    An oldie but a goody! Pioneer XV-DV55 DVD tuner plus powered sub and 5 satellite speakers. All in excellent cosmetic and working condition. Includes working remote and original operating instructions manual. Sound quality is fantastic. Sadly I don't have the room or make use sufficient of it...
  4. The Boss

    Highly Recommended Theatre production

    Good morning all.. i went to the Hammersmith Lyric Theatre, and oh what a show.. Production called Wuthering Heights, and for those of you in the know, will know it is an exceptional book and story. This was a bollywood mix English Production, and wow, was i impressed. I am most definitely...
  5. flango

    Media centre / Home Theatre PC

    I need some help in this area as it is one I have never vetured into before, below is what I want to do I just don't know how to do it. I want a media centre etc running windows to connect to my new lcd tv, the main purpose being to have internet available in my lounge on the TV and also be...
  6. M

    BOSE LIFESTYLE 35 DVD complete Home theatre system

    Bose Lifestyle 35 DVD Entertainment system - series 1. FM/AM radio, plays music CD's and DVD's NOW ON EBAY:
  7. CAT220

    London Theatre tickets

    Evening all, Heading down to London for weekend at the end of February and looking to book a show (musical/play), any suggestions on the best web sites to use? Cheers, C
  8. jpskiller

    Wireless Home Theatre

    I am planning a change around in my living room and would like to minimize the amount of wires, so I need to know if its possible to do the following, and what equipment I need if anyone knows. my current set up is Kenwood AMP and A PC with Digital TV Card 1) make my wired rear speakers...
  9. J

    Theatre lights... Anyone?

    I'm not sure if this is what they are called but I guess most can make out what I mean by theatre lights. I want to install some theatre lights in my W124 E220, just to make it look better and modern. Anyone got any ideas on how to do it? Thanks, Jeff
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