1. E

    Help, Anti theft protection on Audio 20

    Hi Just purchased a new ntg4.5 audio, plugged this in was workng for 5 mins or so and now it has come up with anti theft protection activated.
  2. K

    Keyless Entry Theft

    Hello Everyone, I am new toi this forum and wanted to talk about my horrible experience. I purchased a C200 brand new from Mercedes Benz Brooklands and collected the car in January 2016. In May of this year the car was stolen from my drive without the thieves getting into my house and...
  3. W

    Ultimate theft protection - Autowatch Ghost

    Has anyone had an Autowatch Ghost CAN immobiliser fitted. How much are they and are they a bit of a faff in day to day life ? They say it defeats all 'code grabbers' but you can use an iPhone to open the car so not sure just how secure they really are. Any thoughts appreciated as I am...
  4. Scooby_Doo

    Keyless Entry Car Theft

    Seen the previous posts about this and there was an item on the "One Show" tonight about cars with keyless entry being stolen with some hi tech gear. I was a bit concerned as we have a static caravan on the coast and I would assume that picking up the keyfob signal through the walls of one of...
  5. addbuyer

    Keyless car theft, is this how it's done

    Not a Merc but...... Car hackers steal a £60,000 BMW by holding up bag to door | Daily Mail Online
  6. addbuyer

    Another Merc theft story

    If the USA can hack into fat boy Kim's missil then I guess this is a doddle Thieves caught on CCTV hacking Mercedes on couple's drive | Daily Mail Online
  7. S

    AMG A45 - attempted theft

    Got my A45 in November and have been loving it so far, has warmed up nicely and is great fun to drive. However I'm now sat at home with a broken kitchen window, been up since 4.30am after some scrote tried to break into my house presumably after the car keys. Police are sure that the car was...
  8. V

    Car wash car theft.

    Reposted from another forum I frequent..... A chap at work took his jag to a car park with a wash service in Kettering. He left the car with them and returned 2 hours later. All was well with the car and it was nice and clean. That night he had a call from his tracker company saying the car...
  9. S

    Command Error...anti theft protection activated

    Hi, I am having this issue with Command, can anyone help me?
  10. Doc matt

    So who else has had a theft/attempted theft of their AMG

    After reading Sparkynw's post ( and with me being a newb), I just wondered if anyone else has suffered the loss of their car. Many years ago I had an old escort M4 turbo, I was 18, insurance was through the roof and it had two alarms (trackers wernt invented then). My dad went to the...
  11. B

    E220 Anti Theft Protection Activated

    Hi Folks, Bought a 2011 Merc e220 estate off a local independent dealer, told me stereo was inoperable, I was not that annoyed and saw as a trivial matter and i got a nice deal, When i turn on the car and the radio comes on as normal and is perfect for 10 seconds and then the message "...
  12. F

    C63 AMG Carbon Spoiler Theft

    Hi All, Unfortunately my spoiler was stolen from my driveway not long ago, Really disappointed, We were all at home at the time and only noticed it when a guest left the house quite late. My vehicle came with the genuine carbon spoiler and i have kept an eye out to see if it has come up...
  13. flango

    car theft - heads up

    Not sure if you have seen this but if it saves one car its worth it. Organised fans are targeting car shows and attaching trackers to cars they want to steal then later they go to the cars location and pick their time to steal it. Its been a big problem at Ford Fest last weekend at Silverstone...
  14. W

    Theft relevant parts

    I run an independent mercedes repair workshop in Lancashire and I have been told by the local mercedes dealer that they will no longer supply theft relevant parts to 3rd party workshops. This includes Eis, esl, gearbox companion plates in 7g tronic, engine control units, srs control units...
  15. brucemillar

    80's car theft in the increase.

    Crazy for Cortinas: The 80s cars targeted by thieves Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  16. uumode

    Dashcam theft?

    Anyone know anyone who has had their dashcam stolen? I've heard of sat navs being stolen but not dashcams. Yet dashcams are mounted on a sucker mount in the same way and are approx the same value. However it's not the value of my cam I'm too worried about its the glass damage and hassle.
  17. S

    Careful if you live in Wolverhampton... Attempted theft.

    Last night at 2am odd a good friend had this... They took his neighbours X5 instead. There have been a lot of German Equipmemt going missing! See video!
  18. Jay2512

    Comand Anti Theft - GLC

    Guys, Any help of how I can get around this? On the way to the train station this morning the nav froze for a good 30 odd seconds and then restarted to which I was greeted with the anti theft message. I cannot get to the dealer until Tuesday next week and I need to make a few travels over the...
  19. nick mercedes

    talktalk data theft

    So I get an email from Talktalk: We are very sorry to tell you that on Thursday 22nd October a criminal investigation was launched by the Metropolitan Police Cyber Crime Unit following a significant and sustained cyberattack on our website on Wednesday 21st October. The investigation is...
  20. B

    Glueing down the 3 pointed star to prevent theft

    Just noticed my neighbours 3 pointed star has been swiped from the grill of his new E Class. It looks like it was held in by a quarter turn and probably took 5 seconds to steal, as the grill is completely undamaged. I have a C Class on order and am thinking this will have a similar...
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