1. L

    The Geordie Thermometer

    ** THE GEORDIE THERMOMETER * As our Southern friends whinge about a light dusting of snow and airports close, this reminded me of the differences of Northerners and Southerners * 50 Degrees. Southerners turn on their heating. Geordies plant their gardens. * 40 Degrees. Southerners shiver...
  2. M

    Retrofit outside thermometer.

    Has anybody done this & if so, is it straightforward. Pictures would be nice. Thanks!
  3. KillerHERTZ

    C-180, thermometer on dash?

    Hi, Should be M-reg 1995 C-180 Elegance have an on dash thermometer? On the left hand side under the fuel gauge there is a small rectangle which is always dark, on my brothers CLK, the same rectangle is a thermometer eg 8.3c Has mine got one, but the bulb has gone? I dont have the...
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