1. clk320x

    Circoli Thermostat

    Not for my Merc But for family members Renault.. has anyone used circoli branded thermostats /housing etc Thanks Abs
  2. BAZ-500SL

    M119.960 r129 500sl thermostat

    Hello guys, after a good few years in storage and occasionally being started I have noticed the temperature gauge climbing 80+ towards 120, I have tried to stop the running radiator fan with cardboard but it keeps going, so I think it could be the thermostat, I will however drain and flush the...
  3. E

    2012 B Class Coolant Thermostat

    Hi Does anybody know where the coolant thermostat can be found and also if it's easy to replace yourself? thanks in advance
  4. ivandraganov

    Sprinter 906 thermostat

    Need help with finding the original part number..
  5. salfordmerc

    Heater not working

    I have a problem with the heater not getting warm,the AC seems to be fine and have changed the air filter,should my next stop be to change the thermostat? it a 55 kompressor,thanks.
  6. T

    W211 thermostat change top tip

    I've just done this on my 54 plate E270. I managed it without losing a drop of coolant and without removing the oil filter cover. I'm new to Mercs so don't shoot me is this is all common knowledge. Tip 1. raise the front of the car about 10". I used ramps. Syphon the header tank dry...
  7. T

    New w211 E270 thermostat. What is this hole for?

    I bought this stat off a seller on ebay (actual stat pictured above), not anyone on here. I've looked at a couple of how-to threads online and a couple if vids but can't find any mention of anything fitting into or onto the machined hole at the bottom of the stat housing. I haven't started...
  8. ShaunB

    NEST 3rd gen thermostat

    Guys Does anyone have a NEST setup at home? Looking for real world feedback on how good they are or otherwise. Been speaking to an installer about my current oil fired boiler setup and NEST. He's told me I can install fine, but as I can't control hot water via the current setup, then there is...
  9. S

    Rough Running after Thermostat Replacement.

    Hi all. This is my first post, so please forgive me if the answers I want are somewhere in the forum, but I've missed them. I have a 2004 c180k, with 109,100 miles on the clock. It's a 271 engine & It's run great in the 2 years I've had it. I've just replaced the Thermostat (yesterday)...
  10. E

    '08 E350 petrol - Too Cool Runnings (or watching the thermostat dying...)

    The new (to me) E350 runs at 80 degrees on the coolant temperature gauge, not 100 like the E55Ks. It seems to take longer to come up to temp than the E55Ks, too, but I had assumed that it was just that it read differently. Not so... Sunday morning, trundling along at 50(ish) mph in the long...
  11. N

    A180cdi Thermostat problems?

    I recently purchased a newish Mercedes a class a180cdi from Mercedes Benz of Birmingham. All was fine until just yesterday I noticed something rather strange whilst driving in ECO mode with the heater full blast the car engine temp would drop to 60-70c and stay there. However if the car heater...
  12. E

    W204 C250CDI Thermostat.

    Hi, My trusty 2012 W204 C250CDI has a dodgy thermostat, I strongly suspect. Takes way too long to heat up, and then falls to 60c driven gently. Heater output is poor. I've checked the gauge, and that is fine. So, failing thermostat. Is replacement straightforward, or requiring magic...
  13. MancMike

    W204 replaced thermostat - still got CEL

    Hi, all. I know the ultimate solution would be to get it on star, and I'll do so if it comes to it, but I'm wanting advice from others before I resort to that. I've been having the problem where it takes forever for the engine to get up to temperature, like 15 miles, and if I then hit...
  14. L

    W212 E350 thermostat & heating problem

    Hi, wonder can anyone offer their opinion on this. I think my thermostat is locked in the open position. On these cold mornings I struggle to get the car above 40deg, maybe 50deg in the town. Has anyone else experienced this. I presume that the thermostat is fully open and continually letting...
  15. M

    2005 C220 CDI Thermostat Change

    Hi All, Just acquired a 55 C220 CDI with 65,000 miles and most service history by MB Dealership. I want to change the thermostat on the car and have searched this forum for info and tips and would like to clarify a few points: 1 - If I remove the thick pipe going into the thermostat...
  16. H


    Could anybody tell me if the temp gauge on the dash should stay still when the car is up to temp please , reason i ask is mine gets to around 80 degrees which is half way which sounds about right then it starts to fluctuate between 80 and 60 . This has been going on for a couple of months now ...
  17. D

    W211 Thermostat housing bolt - can anyone tell me what bolt it is?

    Gave the new car its first service (by me) today. I replaced the thermostat at the same time as it seemed to be running cool. After the job already having taken too long due to having to run out and get the special tool for the oil filter, to my horror, when doing up one of thermostat housing...
  18. D

    Thermostat W203 screw size issue

    I bought a Circoli Thermostat Product Code: 209220340 yesterday. It fits ok but the 2 holes to attach cable holders are the wrong size. Therefore the original screws don't fit. Should ECP/manufacturer not be providing new screws or is this a defect?
  19. S


    Hi were do i find the thermostat on my 2001 2.5 crd chrysler voyager as i need to replace it.
  20. B

    Thermostat solenoid

    Hello, The thermostat ( PN A642 200 16 45) on my 2010, E350 cdi bluemotion is stuck open. This particular PN has what appears to be a solenoid on top of thermostat housing, which I assume holds theromostat closed until desired temp is reached. My local parts shop sold me a replacement OEM part...
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