1. Pontoneer

    Fracker 1 , car thief 0

    Tracker device locates Glasgow car thief - BBC News Predictive text - can't change title !
  2. N

    car thief got what he deserved...

    Hi everyone, Just seen this CCTV video, simply brilliant! Car Thief In Ireland Felled By Rock Bounce-Back
  3. markjay

    Car thief knocks himself out

    Video: Watch: Car thief knocks himself out with brick while trying to break window - Telegraph
  4. markjay

    Car thief

    Idiot Takes Out Storefront Trying To Kill Girlfriend in Columbia TN - YouTube :dk:
  5. KillerHERTZ

    Mercedes Owner Catches Thief with a Forklift

    5PTQuRVh2H4& Being a W210 im surprised the forks didnt go through the chassis :D
  6. trapperjohn

    Thief in my garage.

    Next door’s bloody cat to be precise. So, storing the meat bits for tomorrow in the garage. Its cold enough!! Not in the fridge just laying on the floor really. My Bruv came up today in his Disco just to have his coolant checked and a slow puncture re-inflated. (Carp cars these Discos) Had a yap...
  7. masqueraid

    Is this Britain's Dumbest Car Thief?

    Caught on video in a police sting. Unfortunately for him he also has a tattoo on his neck with his name and 'phone number on. Not much point in tagging him then ...? :crazy:
  8. I


    This little critter has been thieving my apples and pears :mad: .....and is now back for my yew (that's a clue!)....a nanna to the first to identify him....:)
  9. Satch

    Car thief too stupid to jail

    Car thief too stupid to jail 3 February 2005 An "idiot" car thief from East London who drove a stolen car straight to a police station to confess has been told he was probably too stupid to jail. Mohammed Zaman, 22, pleaded guilty to stealing the car in Whitechapel at London's...
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