1. poormansporsche

    Thieving Gits got some kahoonas

    Another rainy day in the Ghetto that is South east London ...... 2 Skag heads walking past my shop carrying a freshly stolen extra large roof box Ere mate want to buy it ???? Er no :doh:
  2. developer

    The Thieving *******

    B*stards...I can't believe it. I just got home all the windows were open and everything was gone. What sort of b*stard would do that at Christmas time....:devil: I WILL track you down - that was my feckin advent calendar.... :D
  3. del320

    Thieving Barstewards!

    Prior to heading down to Dirleton for the excellant GTG, I called into Mercedes Edinburgh, situated at "Newbridge Luxury Car Village" on the western edge of Edinburgh to collect two triangular doobriedoos which attach to the ends of the seatbelt arms. You know what I mean... I wondered why the...
  4. O

    Bloody thieving swine .....

    Hello all, Been the victim of a most unusual crime. Some ratbag has stolen the drivers side mirror glass from my S320 CDi. The mirrors fold in automatically when I park it, and when I got in this morning it had been forced into the "out" position and the mirror glass was gone. Luckily the...
  5. gangsta se

    thieving ba***rds

    hi guys some scumbag 2 days before xmas decided to help themselves to my stereo,dvd,screen,an my new sat nav via my drivers door window ,,,,so merry crimbo to me eh :mad: but on a happier note i hope you all have a very good new year :bannana:
  6. jdrrco

    More thieving scumbags

    Coming home from Sainsbury's at Greengates in Bradford this morning, I was nearly hit by a red Ford Mondeo taxi jumping the lights on the Harrogate Road. There was a guy standing by the side of the road looking at it, shocked and dazed. Suddenly I realised that it was his car and it was being...
  7. Alps

    Thieving scumbags

    heres the story 3 mnths ago Brother in Law bought a BMW E36 328i M-Tec T reg. 3 weeks of having it, some scumbag stole the side door mouldings, £130 to replace the set. Last night he was taken to hospital with food poisoning, I get a call at 1:30am saying his neighbour just rang saying...
  8. RJIF

    Thieving Ba***rds

    :eek: :eek: :eek: A stark warning to all! woke up 5.30 this morning, left for work at 6.oo, only i couldnt believe my eyes as i walked out to the car, some complete C**T has broken into my pride and joy :mad: :mad: :mad: window BROKEN satnav GONE multimedia system GONE.i live in ullenhall just...
  9. nickg

    thieving scum aka London Borough of Barnet

    ......gave me a PCN yesterday during the time that it took me to go and buy a ticket from the pay and display machine. I have appealed. I've got a pcn timed at 10.22am and a ticket timed at 10.26am. I should win..............shouldn't I????
  10. aka$h

    Thieving scum!

    Just driving home what i was shocked to see a merc clk 53 plate on the road with no wheels, on it! Not even left on bricks, just on the road. Imagine the cost of damage! Im pretty sure the car would have had locking bolts, doesnt this stop people anymore! Hate to come back to my car and find...
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