1. D

    It's the little things

    A quiet day in the office and I've been thinking about stuff that we buy and how we buy it. I've a policy of negotiating hard on the big stuff like houses and cars, I'll have a go on smaller stuff like furniture and so on but won't compromise on the little things. Take soap for example...
  2. MancMike

    Some nice things about pre-war Syria

    Some things you may not have known. I learned some things.
  3. Taff814

    Things to do in Bruges

    Off to Bruges for the Christmas Market 9/10 December. Whilst there we plan to go to the chocolate museum. Is there anywhere else worth a visit? I don't plan to drive from the time we arrive at the hotel early Saturday until we leave on Sunday afternoon so any excursions should be local. Any...
  4. M

    W213 - Anyone found some strange things with new Comand NTG 5.5 sat nav?

    I have updated to the latest UK maps on my new E350. Lots of strange things but one REALLY annoying one. When you get to a junction I am told keep left to turn right and vis versa. It also shows in the lane indicators in the screens. So, "take the right hand Lane and then take the first exit on...
  5. M

    ABS sensor things to check

    A couple of things I've learned over the years about ABS sensors and thought I would share. One key driver of failure over time is rust, this can have two impacts. 1. if it's under the toothed pulse ring then the ring expands and can have 2 issues. a) the ring expands and begins to rub on...
  6. AMGeed

    The shape of things to come?

    How long before other councils adopt this ruling? It doesn't seem that long ago we were being advised to buy diesel cars by the government. How times change...
  7. jon.english68

    It's the little things that make the difference

    I love the look of my C220 Coupe but couldn't help thinking there was way to much silver in the grill so I set about sorting it out, gotta say I'm happy with the result Before After Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. ash59fifty-uk

    Things that make you go Oh!!

    This video is shocking, especially the last one although god knows what the owner of that car was thinking. Wear your seatbelt! (nothing graphic) ~
  9. GillyC63

    Plastic Nut type things

    Hi all While cleaning out the estate today I noticed 2 plastic nut type things attached to the rear interior wheel arches. One is almost flush but the drivers side one is sticking up a lot more. Does anybody know what they are/affix too? Car is a W204 estate. Many thanks in advance of anyone...
  10. Bobby Dazzler

    Things have changed since I was a lad (or lass)

    Today I had one of those moments when I realised just how much has changed in few decades. Have you had any similar moments? First thing tomorrow Mrs D will be going into hospital for a few days, very short notice but thankfully nothing too serious. So today I was briefed on school lunches...
  11. A

    Mercedes-Benz SLK - Common issues / things to look for?

    Hi all, As above, looking at an SLK250 for a family member The one in question is a 2012, 26.6k mile example SLK250 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY AMG Sport 7G-Tronic Plus Questions (if someone may know the answer, haven't got round to visiting the dealer yet): - Do they have sat nav, heated...
  12. D

    Cheap e500 estate and other nice things

    Used Cars for sale in Oxford, Oxfordshire | Vehicle Sourcing Ltd e500 has poor spec but for £2k I can't really see you could go too far wrong. On winter tyres and high miles but if it has a resaonable SH it could make a good hack for a couple of years. 850 looks nice too.
  13. F

    Those black round things

    So, what do you do? When it comes to new tyre do you buy...
  14. brucemillar

    Things you find in your garden?

    Man recalls moment spitfire plane was buried in back garden in Meopham I live next to the former Detling Aerodrome and the surrounding area is peppered with crash remains from both sides of the war. My neighbour had a Hurricane crash into his barn (Pilot survived). The wreckage of this...
  15. Palfrem

    Scratches on paintwork - T-Cut or have things moved on?

    The tops of the wings on my G and the bonnet have quite a few scratches that could do with being polished out. I suspect good old T-Cut is passe now, so any recommendations on a good compound to use by hand (I don't have a machine) on black paintwork please? Thanks
  16. Palfrem

    Garage clear out - many random things!

    Gents, I'm on a three line whip to get the garage a little less cluttered. We may be moving so a downsize of chattels is needed. Briefly: Toyota LC 120 genuine load liner and grey floor mats. Also have grey leather third row seats. CL500 W215 Mercedes rubber boot tray. W211 saloon...
  17. Mike Walker

    The things you see when driving......

    I was returning from Aylesbury via M40 yesterday and was overtaken by what appeared to be a camouflaged - white with black swirls all over it - sports car but what? :dk: Went past me like a rocket and just caught BJ 63 ?? on the number plate. Spoiler up on the rear but no other distinguishing...
  18. John Jones Jr

    Have a look. Loads of stuff and things you don't need!

    Still, it might be handy site to know about. Online Shopping for Cool Gadgets, RC helicopter & Quadcopter, Mobile phone, Fashion at
  19. ChrisEdu

    The things children say

    My 11 year old has just informed my wife and I that a dildo is an extinct bird! :eek: I'm not sure what they're teaching them in school these days?!
  20. K

    Couple of things to do.

    Hi Had the Car in at the Mercedes Indy in Ibrox this morning. After doing the safety check I was informed that the car had 35 fault codes. They appeared to have been stored for some time. And after clearing them appear to be gone. Was told the nearside font Ball Joint had a slight amount of...
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