1. G

    Thinking of buying an E62 estate, some advice please

    Sorry about the title of the thread!! Hi, I am looking to get back in to an E63. I have read that there is a hefty service that includes spark plugs and transmission oil (£1,000+). Can you tell me when this normally occurs please. I am looking for a 2014 E63 estate with about 20k to 35k miles...
  2. moog999

    Thinking about this W211????

    Hi chaps. I was intending to chop in my 2006 ford galaxy, 2.0 tdci as I'm just plain sick of it, and the clutch is starting to give trouble. It's been excellent at shuttling my 3 kids around to be fair but it's just so characterless it hurts, and anew clutch/dmf etc is circa £700! Will it...
  3. S

    thinking of going from E280 cdi to C220 coupe.

    Ok so just got the 55 plate E280 Avantgarde a few month back after my a3 died, it was from family and it has just over 200k on the clock, the idea being it'll do until i get something better, my uncle now tells me he has a 2003 c220 coupe with 30 k on the clock, he had it from new and hardly...
  4. 6

    Thinking about a CLS320

    Thinking of buying another MB. Always loved the shape of the CLS. Any advice on a CLS320 CDI ? Things to look out for ? I've had a 2010 C350CDI for a couple of years and an old E240 prior to that. Any great advances with the CLS350CDI ? Is the petrol CLS350 very thirsty ? My main...
  5. J

    C220d currently - thinking about getting c350e - help!

    Hi All, I have a 2014 C220d AMG Line company car at the moment and I'm thinking of switching to the c350e plug in hybrid. I have read all about the unrealistic mpg figures but the Bik savings are appealing. I'm looking for some help from you guys with c350e cars. I am a little concerned with...
  6. M

    I'm thinking about a W211 estate - advice?

    Hello all. I currently run a BMW 320d estate but as the children are getting older I could do with more space. The obvious would be to move up to 5 series, but while I like the way the BMW drives I've not been totally happy with the ownership/reliability thing. So I'm wondering about a...
  7. gl boy

    ???? Thinking of this Thinking of buying this for a friend ??? Thoughts as it's the 320 petrol , cheers in advance
  8. H

    Thinking of selling my C63

    I have 63 plate C63 estate with 22k miles and 19 months AMG warranty left. I only tend to do long journeys in the car but the lack of headroom caused by the sunroof is really affecting my back. How is the private market for these cars? Am I better selling privately or just selling to...
  9. R

    Thinking of upgrading to Android 6.0 head unit

    I'm thinking of upgrading my command 20 head unit to an Android head unit. I'd like the 'best' unit out there. I really want as little lag as possible and good bluetooth calling and audio streaming. I want it to look as OEM as possible right down to the buttons and illumination if possible...
  10. RyanMuller

    Thinking about selling the C32 - Any Interest?

    Hi all, I haven't really made my mind up yet so I'm just getting a feel for interest. I am still undecided to sell as I FINALLY have everything working on the car. I will be doing 200-300 miles a week with my new job and the C32 was mainly used as a weekend car as with my current job I cycled...
  11. Graham21

    Newbie thinking about an E55 AMG

    Hi Guys, I'm new so be gentle. My first post. I have owned many many cars over the years but never owned a Mercedes. I have been looking for something with a big engine to use as a summer toy. Also something good for a Le Mans trip this year. To be honest I stumbled across the E55...
  12. tingtongpj

    Thinking of buying 2005 SLK 350

    hi all i'm after some advice please i'm thinking of buying for the wife a 2005 54 plate SLK 350. i have read about engine issues but was just after some more help, the car has 80k with full service history, is it likely that the issues on engines even before 468993 would have shown issues...
  13. I

    Thinking of selling my E55K

    Hi all, I've been an avid follower of this forum ever since I became the proud owner of an E55 AMG Kompressor 7 years ago. Never really posted much but have always read the posts here. I have come to the decision that I can no longer keep the E55 as I drive it so little it seems a shame for it...
  14. T

    Thinking about a w213 e300 hybrid

    Hi everyone, I'm going to look at a 2015 e300 hybrid on Friday. To be honest I never even knew there was a e300 hybrid till seen one advertised. Has anyone got one or owned one and can tell me what they are like or what to look out for. I think a lot will depend on what the garage gives me...
  15. O

    Thinking of selling the 63 for a 55

    Soon ill be looking at selling my much loved C63 and replacing it with a E55, some people may think im mad but the new house fund needs a boost and I can't part with AMGs V8's so an E55 has to be a win ???? Also have kids so its got to be a saloon. The question is, how much of a pain is it...
  16. O

    Thinking about an E63

    Hello I had a test drive in an E63 the other day and I really liked it. I don't know much about these cars at all and I'm hoping that the forum can help me here. The car I went out in was just a few months old and was a 5.5 litre twin turbo. I know there used to be an S version of this...
  17. ChrisCLS55

    Thinking of buying this C63s - thoughts on the car & dealer

    Used Cars | Boroughbridge | Alexanders Prestige Does anyone on here own a C63s or has had dealing with the dealer in question? Any thoughts most welcome. Thanks
  18. S

    Thinking of a W212 E-Class petrol.

    Hi. My aging e39 BMW is beginning to sound a bit noisy and will need some TLC shortly and I'm in two minds to trade her in for a newer car. As I'm really not doing the miles since buying the SLK I am looking at a petrol replacement and from the Benz range I'm considering a 2009 or newer...
  19. D

    Newbie thinking about C63 AMG Estate

    Hi all, New to forum and currently driving an Audi SQ5. Will probably change soonish and thinking about the new C63 AMG Estate. Would appreciate some advice from owners especially where to get decent discounts if I decide to buy new:thumb: Thanks in advance.
  20. Bigrichw

    Thinking of selling

    I think ive about had my fun out of the CLS55. Ive always fancied a Lexus ISF so maybe time to move on. The CLS is a stunning car and that engine is equally impressive. This particular vehicle is a desirable model with extensive SH and maintenance record. Including recent dynamic seat overhaul...
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