1. R

    Thirsty C200K

    Hi All, my C200k, 51 plate seems to be drinking too much petrol lately. short and long drives brings 24-25mpg as its giving me approx. 30 miles for £10 petrol. Any advise will be appreciated cheers
  2. msmitas

    w211 & w203 CDI's thirsty for oil

    Hi. there lads, I have: w203 c220 cdi 2001 190'000km on the clock had turbo refurbished profesionally arround 5000km ago and asked for 1litre yesterday w211 e320 cdi 2004 160'000km on the clock no records on turbo. service 7000km ago and asked for 1 litre a week ago. neither of these mercs are...

    Are E280 AMG That thirsty ???

    Hi Been offered a 99 E280 AMG at a good price, nice car ect , but some of our freinds in the trade claim they drink the fuel ?? :dk: the official is 29mpg urban, we undersatnd about the way you drive the heavy right foot ect , but just wondered if you have one , owned one what sort of mpg...
  4. S

    thirsty w202 c230

    hi, i have a 1997 c230 auto and im presently getting about 200 miles to a tank, is this normal?? im sure my e280 uses less
  5. jukie

    Thirsty but good value?

    Needs a little TLC but otherwise not bad? 2000 MERCEDES E430 AVANTGARDE AUTO GREEN/BLACK on eBay, also, Mercedes-Benz, Cars, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 21-May-09 23:44:20 BST)
  6. Spinal

    Thirsty anyone?

    Anyone thirsty?
  7. P

    Sluggish power delivery & thirsty to boot

    Hello all, As a new member to the club thought I'd get stuck in with problem thats recently plagued my otherwise excellent 190E auto. Noticed now that its significantly thirstier than normal despite being regularly serviced. The car also is sluggish of the mark with the auto appearing...
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