1. guydewdney

    This'll make the detailer's hair stand on end.....

    Just washed my car - starting with the wheels. Utterly filthy, black with dust, mud, poo, you name it. Cleaned the spilt veg oil off with Simoniz Alloy Cleaner (black bottle - seems to be an end of line product). OK so far? Yeah - so I tried it on the spilt oil around the filler cap. Wow -...
  2. Peter DLM

    So, this'll do as my garage.

    Million Dollar Rooms 106 Subterranean Garage - YouTube *wants*
  3. corned

    This'll bring tears to your eyes...

  4. scruffy

    this'll be interesting wonder what this scam is
  5. SEM

    This'll make you cry :( some neigbourhoods eh?
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