1. WDB124066

    I always thought he was normal.

    Priceless. :):) Prince Philip admits he used to smash up royal carriages and even crashed one into a lake
  2. lisa110rry

    I thought I had the silliest car in the village 'till I saw this!

  3. MikeInWimbledon

    Jerry Seinfeld in Fast and Furious? Who would have thought?

    Someone's been creative over the Easter weekend. Here's the 2 minute video:
  4. A

    I thought smart cars looked odd

    Taxi for Noddy :D
  5. Red C220

    Ever thought MB charge a lot for options?

    Here is a new Ferrari GTC4 Lusso order from a guy in the USA. Prices are in US $.
  6. S

    G63 AMG - Thought please

    What do you guys make of the G63 AMG. I have never driven but liking the idea of owning one
  7. jon.english68

    When I bought my 204 Coupe I thought how good the stereo sounded but it wasn't long b

    When I bought my 204 Coupe I thought how good the stereo was, it didnt take long before I realised it needed improving, so I set about replacing the door speakers[emoji4] These are what I have fitted Quick picture of them in place Old speaker, as you can see the voice cool is very small...
  8. gr1nch

    Your "model path" or thought process for buying your last car?

    We can end up seriously considering quite (sometimes wildly) different cars at times eh? I'm interested to know other members thought processes when homing in on a model, perhaps of your dreams. Over a process of a six months, mine started with thinking: exciting 3-year old performance car...
  9. Scott_F

    Thought For The Day

    Spotted outside a pub on my way to work this week:
  10. jdrrco

    I thought MB and Chrysler had parted company...

    Maybach 62 6.0 S Limousine 4dr Am I the only one who thinks this is hideous? £270k second hand?
  11. Meldrew2

    I thought it was only a joke - but...

    Our Prime Minister =May. Our Chancellor =Hammond. There were enough jokes around last month about having Clarkson as Foreign Minister... We all thought it was a joke. But today, after rescuing 2 French & 2 German holidaymakers who drifted out to sea on lilos, there's proof that Clarkson has...
  12. bpsorrel

    Food for thought

    This Group Defeated Expensive Keyless Entry Cars With Cheap Homemade Devices 19 different manufacturers were defeated! Take a look!
  13. Deane x

    Thought on the new Ford Capri

    2016 Ford Capri Release Date
  14. Mr Fixit

    Thought Id share a useful tip

    I had no sound from the Comand system after having left the car (C55) for a few days. Screen (head end) was on and working but no sound. I thought the amp had gone and checking this site it did look this way however checked with Mark and he suggested disconnecting the -ve , waiting a few...
  15. D

    I thought i would post a pic of b4 and after new wheels

    new on the site and thought i would post a pic of the car after new wheels added
  16. Smarty

    Thought I was, then I wasn't, now I am....

    I joined the forum a few months ago as I thought I was going to get what I have always wanted, a Mercedes Estate. Circumstances changed and it was no longer an option. ...but.... Now, wow, I have some cash (and blessings of b & c) I find myself looking again. I wanted an estate for us and two...
  17. Deane x

    And I thought it was going to be a Mercedes advert

    As above Kia Sorento Advert - AdTurds - Adverts that are shitAdTurds ? Adverts that are shit
  18. Ted

    Thought provoking

    I make no other comment than this is the best read I have had in a long time, and thought it worth sharing.
  19. C

    Thought EIS but not?!

    I had a problem last Saturday. Had left the car for 5 days without use. Went to drive home, car started fine. Next morning car started fine. stopped for 1 hour and nothing! Unlock/Lock/Boot opener worked fine on both remotes. Put key in ignition no click of recognition, tried to start her and...
  20. Deane x

    Never thought I would go from 5L V8 to hybrid but

    I never thought I would be selling my 5 litre V8 to get a hybrid ... But this plug in hybrid is engineered with the same technology as the Mercedes F1 hybrid with a impressive 134.5 MPG and is faster than a BMW M4
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