1. O

    Thoughts on a GT?

    There seems to be a few GT models around with tiny mileages in the £80/90k area. Is it likely that values will drop significantly further in the next couple of years or do an SLS? I'm not in any hurry and it will probably be my last foray into this stuff but is now a good time to buy? Info on...
  2. doo01


    So.. I just took ownership of a 14 plate CLS 350. Brilliant car. But I have since discovered a poorly repaired key scratch on the right rear quarter panel so much so that when you run your hand through it, you can feel it. Yes I missed it when I inspected the car. I bought it from as an approved...
  3. JimGreen

    Been playing with a spray can....... thoughts ???

    Been thinking about putting another colour on the C63's lower front spoiler, I initially did it with 3M Wrap, but it just didn't have the glossy finish I was after. Having done a bit of spraying in the past, I decided to go the whole way and bought myself a can of BMW Mini Chilli Red. I prepared...
  4. RickyBurrows

    Thoughts on the 211 star badge grill? Yes or no?

    So I've recently updated the front of my car I was never convinced on the star badge grill but after I colour coded it and the theme of the car being silver and black it looked better than I thought I'm not sure putting the original grill back on painted gloss black (no chrome on the car) would...
  5. BlackC55

    Benz On The Green 2018 @ GOODWOOD. Your thoughts?

    Hi Everyone, As the title suggests, what would you think of Benz On The Green being held at Goodwood next year? Our thought process is that we are sadly outgrowing the pub and Goodwood would be a fantastic place to hold the event, with the capacity of the Chicane Paddock and Hurricane Lawn...
  6. T

    Eurocharged V6 Map initial thoughts

    finally jumped the gun from v5 to v6. Start-up still the same i didnt request cold start delete as i love my neighbours. in manual smoother through the rev range although it occassionally hesitates. On sports plus full wot acceleration isnt working as planned it hesitates and on downshifts it...
  7. B

    New care thoughts

    Edit: Car - Not Care -Doh! Hi I'm thinking of changing out our 2012 350cdi (MrsGnome likes driving her SLC with Distronic on the motorway and doesn't drive the S212 much so it's not getting used) and we've been test driving. On the (yes very lucky list!) is another S213 350cdi. However all...
  8. T

    thoughts on shell helix ultra

    sorry for another oil question, was all set tom order some mobil 1 new life oil but been reading a lot of recommendations for shell helix ultra, any thoughts if it's worth the extra money for mobil 1 over shell? thanks
  9. S

    M6 GC - thoughts please!!

    Hi guys, I would really appreciate your thoughts, the car is blue 2014 plate with one owner 55k miles (I know high!!) and is up at £40k. What do you guys think is it worth it? What are they like to live with? Or am I just buying a money pit? Thoughts would be greatly appreciated...
  10. R

    Any thoughts on why I'm getting no interest?

    Mercedes CLK 320 CDi Sport | eBay
  11. D

    New C class, paint crack on bootlid. Thoughts?

    Just wondering if anyone else has seen anything similar. Car is just over a month old, spotted the problem when washing it the other day. It's on the bootlid, apperas to start underneath the chrome trim, right where the panel folds for the numberplate recess. Small vertical crack in the paint...
  12. C

    Random questions and thoughts about my new E300 hybrid

    So I've done close to 600 miles in my new E300 Hybryd and wanted to share a few thoughts about it and also ask a few questions. Is it just me or is the gear lever counter intuitive to use? I feel like pressing forward should be Drive and pulling backwards should be reverse, but it's the...
  13. timwood2000

    R Class - starting problems - any thoughts?

    For a while now, when starting from cold, the engine turns over fine, but doesn't start for about 8-10 seconds, followed by a small cloud of dark exhaust fumes at the back. It hasn't got worse (or better), but starts fine when warmed up. Batteries are fairly new. Any ideas what the...
  14. P

    W205/S205 thoughts

    Hi all. We are currently looking at replacing our S204 2011 C180 CGI estate with a newer (perhaps year old) S205 15/16 reg sometime next year, specifically a C200 petrol model, with command and airmatic, I don't want anything that rides on bigger than 17" rims so that's all AMG lines out the...
  15. Calcifer

    W124 E500 Limited with no reserve. Thoughts...

    Came across this whilst browsing Bonham's auction. Has a guide price but being sold without reserve. :confused:
  16. ChrisCLS55

    Thinking of buying this C63s - thoughts on the car & dealer

    Used Cars | Boroughbridge | Alexanders Prestige Does anyone on here own a C63s or has had dealing with the dealer in question? Any thoughts most welcome. Thanks
  17. mr tibbs

    A Class, thoughts please?

    Hi all. I am considering buying an A Class A200 Elegance A petrol 2005. It has covered 96000 miles and has some history. It looks in nice condition from the pics. We have an E320 estate and my Jeep Grand Cherokee is roughly the same dimensions so we are trying to decide if we really need 2 large...
  18. D

    Selenite Grey with Red Leather - Thoughts

    Ordered a C43 AMG with Black leather with Red stitching seat option but on further reviewing these seats see that they have used strips of Alantara and also you have to have the Red seat belts and for me its a bit boy racer. Interestingly the Red leather option seats are slightly different in...
  19. S

    2015 E63 tuning , thoughts on GAD tuning?

    I'm after de-cat downpipe and remap ? Most people on here seem to use MSL but it's a bit of a trip for me and wanted to know if anyone here has used GAD tuning , any feedback good/bad would be appreciated ! Also , anyone with the 5.5 biturbo lump that has had this done, what's the difference...
  20. N

    MB care plans - thoughts?

    Got a new c250 on lease for 2 years. Have been offered a care plan which includes the service costs for £30 ppm which works out at £700 for the period. Worth it? Anything specific I should pay attention to?
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