1. AngryDog

    AngryDog's yet unnamed W211 E55 AMG project thread

    Well after threatening to buy a new car for ages, I finally did. Welcome to my W211 E55 AMG. It is a 2004 car with 805 build code in Cubanite Silver. It has 135k on it but it looks like it has been looked after with lots of money spent at main dealers and good independents. It also has...
  2. wu56Shoozz

    Another Seat Thread..

    Ok, what do you all have between the drivers and passenger chair if you have single seats rather than a bench and single drivers chair.. I have my eye on some nice seats to replace them.. any photos, anyone??:dk:
  3. clk320x

    Error Free LED bulbs thread

    As a lot of people on here often search for error free LED bulbs I thought we should start a thread where people who have them could post links to the ones they have... I'll get the ball rolling W5W Sidelights - I should have a set of 239 festoons...
  4. mercmancdi

    Anyone point me to thread on remap E200.

    Anyone get a remap on E200 w212 , or anyone know anywhere in n.ireland can do it with rolling rd or at least proven to do good job etc , any recomendations welcolme . Thanks hope this posted is in right place .sorry if not.
  5. C

    Mercedes CL500 Widebody Pickup Truck Big Power Build Thread!

    Hi Everyone, I'm currently in the process of building a CL500 into a widebody pickup truck with a lot of power :thumb: Here is the original thread that I started But this...
  6. PaulXC

    The E500 Cabriolet / Coupe Thread

    I think there are a couple of other E500 Cabriolet / Coupe owners on here. I thought I’d start a thread about these rather awesome cars. I love they way they look like an E200 / E 250 / E350 but … the V8 rather transforms them. I decided on an E500 through process of elimination -...
  7. RyanMuller

    Properly random question: Hanging a part on wall which has female thread

    Please delete
  8. J

    Wheel thread engagement

    Hi guys I have standard oem 18' Mercedes alloys and I have just fitted 15mm spacers at the rear and I need a bit of a confidence boost on the length of the bolts I have used. The originals have 27 mm of thread and engage with 6.5 turns. I have bought new 40mm bolts which engage very...
  9. Cymruambyth

    Thread reply help?????

    Hey...I`ve just tried to post a reply in members gallery and I`m unable to! I know I can`t use certain areas yet but I`m surprised if that`s the reason :crazy: Any ideas?
  10. Grovsie31

    Another rusty bolts thread

    Last year i painted my old wheel bolts, and there looking pretty tatty now, i was going to buy some more from MB, but im pretty sure they will just go rusty again. Are zinc plated ones any good from the likes of alloywheeldirect etc? i assume proper stainless steel ones arent available?
  11. Druk

    Hottest women thread.

    This had to go guys, sorry. Too sexist in todays equality environment and possibly very offensive to our valued lady members. .
  12. bob6600

    Formula One 2017 - General Thread

    Well I thought we need a new thread seeing as the last one was about Nico retiring. Threads for specific races/race weekends are still a good idea to keep it tidy :) Well to get us started, Williams have posted a computer generated image of their 2017 FW40
  13. Petrol Pete

    Engine oil..yet another thread

    Went into Halfords last week to get a part for kids bike and spotted a promotion on PETRONAS Syntium 7000 oil. They had 5L 0W-40 (and other viscosities) Fully synthetic API SN, ACEA A3/B4 which was MB approved 229.5 at £40.99. That works out at £8.20/litre which is in some cases better than...
  14. D

    Mexican GP 2016 Live Thread.

    Come on Lewis. Let's have it. :bannana:
  15. KillerHERTZ

    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread - Please no Covid talk!

    Welcome to the UK Politics thread, please use this thread as the only place on the forum we permit Political/Politics/Brexit discussions By replying to this thread you will agree to the following rules: -Do not make personal attacks on other members - as per the rest of the site...
  16. KillerHERTZ

    The Football Thread

    Welcome to the Football thread, please use this thread as the only place on the forum we permit Football discussions. By replying to this thread you will agree to the following rules: -Do not deliberately start arguments by attacking another rival team eg: Team xxxx are a bunch...
  17. Tim203

    Help with thread search

    I can never get the search to find threads. Trying to post a good number plate but can't find it, please help or bump. Ta.
  18. Piff

    yet another watch thread.........

    I currently have 4 watches - but don't get excited at that!!! The first is for building site work, a timex expedition on a fabric strap, 38mm dia excl crown, weight 31g, on it's last legs. The next is a dress watch, Rotary with a rectangular face on a leather strap, 25mm width excl crown...
  19. R

    Excellent CL500 coilover thread from the US

    My w215 CL55 ABC Delete Thread - Yellow Speed Racing Coilover Conversion and Review - Forums
  20. P

    E220 v E320 thread update

    Well, in the end I bought neither ha ha I found and bought an E280 CDi 2009 estate, AMG Sport. Lovely car, amazing condition and full documented MB service history. I will let you know what its like after I collect at 10.30 this morning :thumb:
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