1. SilverSaloon

    W124 self levelling valve stripped threads. Which size tap?

    Replaced the SLS lines today on my 1994 W124 estate. However on the levelling value to one of the main 6mm pipes, the threads are stripped. I want to repair this with helicoil, but need to know the type and size of the union/bolt for that part... (ie size and whether its metric/imperial...
  2. D

    Wind-up threads

    I've been so slow to pick up on what's going on here I must be suffering from senile dementure. Either that or my calendar is faulty and it's April 1st. There are at least three threads running at the moment that are so crazy they must surely be wind-ups. How they've kept going for so many...
  3. KillerHERTZ

    Football & Politics Threads

    Please see the stickys at the top of the Off Topic section - As you will know, these have always been banned subjects on here. These are a trial. :thumb:
  4. M

    Old photo threads

    Dear Benz owners ... if someone really wants to see photos that are now not working. I can repair the links or the mods can repair the links for me. Send me any threads that need to be fixed and I will slowly address the issue. Some of the old photos were on FREE HOSTING that I have...
  5. Davegt40

    Not enough threads to pm

    Hi, I apologise to the moderators for probably over stepping the mark with this post... i`m trying to reach crammy69 about his e55 but havn`t yet enough threads to pm him...can anyonre help????
  6. W

    Forum threads with HTML links

    For my sins I am a mod on a small car forum. We've had a request from a large tyre supplier to remove all links to their website from the forum. The path of least resistance is to comply and remove these links. But we don't wish to generate ongoing work having to remove future links. My...
  7. S

    Repairable Vito Injector Threads?

    Can an injector bolt thread in a 2000 Vito 110cdi cylinder head be repaired relatively easily with a Helicoil or threaded sleeve? There's one for sale locally I was considering for my own use and gather this is a common problem. I'm a diesel tech of a lot years but have no small diesel Merc...
  8. Sp!ke

    Trolling threads and posts

    Having received many complaints of trolling especially in C63 threads, I think we need to draw a line in the sand now as the behaviour is getting particularly tiresome (you know who you are). In addition to being tiresome, it is often a most unwelcoming start for new members. Starting...
  9. G

    Sorry guys another problem, caliper Mounting Bracket Guide Pin threads stripped??

    Sorry to make another thread...but I ran into another problem, it's been a long day. For some reason, and only on the driver side, one of the holes where the caliper guide pin goes into the bracket were completely stripped of its threads. The pin itself is fine. I don't know how or when this...
  10. T

    Thanks for Wheel Center Cap threads

    Hi Guys, Just thoght I would say thanks to the various threads on the above subject. I took delivery of 4 x 75 mm chrome AMG style wheel caps which I purchased off of amazon, (photos to follow, gota wash the wheels and car first :o). I got these to replace the original blue laural leaf wheel...
  11. markjay

    An end to tyre threads...?

    Tire label - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hallelujah. Standard tyre labelling - from 1 November 2012. And not a moment too soon!
  12. R

    Stripped injector hold-down threads on OM611 engine

    Well, the title says it all. Had to extract no.1 injector to cure a severe case of injector seal leakage. When I removed the bolt, half the internal thread from the bore came out with it. Any ideas or advice on how to get this sorted? Looks to me like a case of drilling out the bore a...
  13. I

    Wheel nut threads

    Two of the bolts on my back wheel hub are not screwing in tightly, the thread seems knackered on the hub. Is it possible to get an insert put in these? A Helicoil or whatnot. Or if not, is it a big job to change the rear hub? I do have a spares car i can cannibalise if necessary at some...
  14. T

    I think the garage burst the threads on my head .....

    You know this old chesnut ? So the car has been in the garage for 3 whole weeks now. I hired the seating tool for them and printed off loads of material from here. I dropped in last night to see what was happening. I walked in and discovered the injector clamp held in with a home do...
  15. S

    2 threads in one day about wheels

    This one is about noise. I have a CLK 350 Avant-garde with 18" wheels and continental tyres. When I drive over bumps I hear a thud noise. My mechanic changed the front left shock and anti roll bar which made no difference. So my question is: Are these cars noisy over bumps or is it...
  16. renmure

    One of these "Whats My Car Worth" threads

    Can I ask for some feedback and advice as to how much I should be looking to sell my Mercedes for please. :o Apologies first of all for not beong particularly active on the Forum and also for not being particularly clued up as to the up's / down's /in's / out's of Mercedes values and prices. I...
  17. KillerHERTZ

    1 Forum, 1 man, 1090 threads, 2264 posts

    I kid you not HERE
  18. bigbobs cl

    One of those classic threads!!!

    They don`t come very often, but when they do...........................
  19. M

    Technical/Tuning threads

    First point - this post is intended to be in no way critical, its purely an observation, There seem to be way too many political or plainly argumentative posts on here fuelled by the same bunch of antagonists, but little hard core tuning discussion :) Whilst there are a lot of MB specific...
  20. A

    We Need some Happy Threads. What are you listening to in the car now.

    Hello The forum seems to have a fair few posts that have got a bit heated lately and I for one don't like it. I'm too laid back and anything for an easy life:bannana: So we need some happy threads... What are you listening to in the car be it CD, ipod etc... Mine is the theme...
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