1. R

    Online security threat...

    ...Just got a call from the Microsoft security center in New York, Although it sounded as if he was in New Delhi. Anyway, the guy asks if my computer is on and tells me that my computer is infected and spreading death and disease across the internet and he's here to help. Thank god I thought to...
  2. E CLASS

    Clarkson Threat to Quit TG...

    Clarkson in Top Gear quit threat -  Car news - latest news stories - MSN Cars UK Bit mad what with the track and all where it is - so kind of agree with him. However his comments (on Manchester) are as usual inflamatory. However if Sian Williams and Chris Hollins don't want to move let them...
  3. ringway

    Scam, spam, or a threat?

    I received an email this morning in the spam folder and have treated it a such. I called their bluff by saying our company had gone into administration (we have not) and that the name would not be useable until taxes had been paid to HM Customs & Excise. I have also tracked and traced the...
  4. Godot

    England Under Threat!! :crazy::(:confused::devil:
  5. glojo

    National Terrorist Threat Level Raised

    The Prime Minister has just been on television to announce the raised threat level. John
  6. F

    UK to US Flight Bomb Threat Conspiracy Theories

    Well... Lets discuss.... :D,,30000-1230571,00.html
  7. stats007

    Bomb threat on UK flights to US

    News here. Looks like all flights are grounded at the moment.
  8. v_man

    Clarkson, threat to the planet

    Absolutely stupid comments by Ken Livingstone against Jeremy Clarkson. Read and enjoy:,,22749-2079719,00.html
  9. S

    A threat or not ?

    can anybody advise please? on connecting with the internet ( BTyahoo), my Norton internet security flashes up saying ycommon.exe is trying to contact the internet. it asks me if I want to block it or allow it what to do? so far I've taken the optionto block it from "talking" to the...
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