1. M

    Threatening letter from DVLA

    Hi All, Some advice if you will please: Today I received a letter from the DVLA saying that I failed to notify disposal of a vehicle and therefore have to pay a fine. However, the registration mark on the letter isn't one I recognise. The letter states that the transfer took place on...
  2. Spinal

    Threatening letter...

    Quickie... I'm writing a letter to a company that I ordered a bit of kit from and never had it delivered. Should I include in the letter that their final chance to rectify the situation by sending me my receiver (or a full refund) before I escalate the matter to a small claims court? Or...
  3. Bugblatter

    Teacher jailed for threatening yobs with air pistol

    Times article OK what she did was wrong, but I bet the chavs will be sniggering for months over this.
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