1. D

    New to the Forum, but thrilled to be soon getting our 4th Merc

    Dear all, We're about to take delivery of a new E320 CDI Elegance Estate. It's our fourth Mercedes (I started off in 1989 with a 2nd hand E280TE W123, then swapped this in 1996 for a second hand E230TE W124 which now has nearly 200K miles on the clock, and we bought a new A170 in July last...
  2. Andy W

    Still thrilled to bits

    Just thought I would let you know I have owned my C180 for a month now and I am absolutely delighted with it. If I need to go the shop 1/2 a mile away I go the long way round, tonight it was 10 miles, am I sad or what ? I still get a big grin from ear to ear and find any excuse to drive it. I...
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